Welcome the mighty, mighty MERRIN to the team of highly skilled professionals/music execs at Musik and Film Records & Musik Radio Promotions. The New Zealand-based band was recently signed to the internationally-known label with world-renowned producer and MAF President Stephen Wrench as their manager. Thanks to MAF Records, MERRIN has already had two songs, “Sober Reminder” and “Fill The Need”, that have received major airplay at radio stations all around the globe. With their debut EP Don’t Forget to Breathe, Musik Radio Promotions will be submitting tracks to over 30,000 radio stations worldwide!  Hailing from the Capital of New Zealand, Wellington can proudly claim MERRIN as its own as this band displays the true colors to go far and go long.  Watch close  as Wellington’s own, personal crop grows into a healthy & strong group of musicians.

The group is made up of five members: founding members Karl Wootton (guitar) & Charlie Phillips (vocals) with Lisa Tagaloa on bass, Daniel Murray on guitar and Richard Maxwell Jnr on drums.  MERRIN’s music is currently being played on over 10,000 stations across the board including the BBC network.  MERRIN has been called “An EXPLOSIVE cocktail of sultry, soul-infused ROCK” and I couldn’t agree more!  Their overall sound is heavily smothered with action-packed excitement topped with a drizzle of fire-fightin’ soul and add a side of Charlie Phillips & her magical voice box.  In the end, this fierce group is setting the bar extremely high for ALL acts out there!  Their lyrics deliver a rock-solid punch while Charlie’s voice appears to have a sweet, smoky and powerful quality that stands out like vast mountains in the cold distance.

New Zealand has produced a group of very talented individuals that exhibit a truck load of potential and a whole lot of might, will & sheer determination to succeed.  Mixing together elements of Rock, Alternative, Pop & Adult Contemporary, MERRIN is sure to please even the grumpiest of listeners.  MERRIN is getting ready to do a local tour with talks of a possible international tour in the works.  The journey has just begun for MERRIN and like it says on their website “Are YOU Ready to get MERRINAISED?”.  Whether you are or not, one thing is for certain and that is that MERRIN shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

The MERRIN train has just departed the station with no stops along the way and the destination set to Musik Stardom Place.  You can jump on and go ALL ABOARD now OR get left in the dust watching from the sidelines as the MERRIN locomotive pulls swiftly away.  MERRIN has the natural abilities, as a complete unit, to achieve greatness, so now it is up to the NZ 5some to make it happen and make it count!  With the momentum in full swing and Musik and Film backing MERRIN all the way (MAF Wall of Success Inductees), 2013 & beyond is lookin’ quite hopeful if I do say so myself!

By 2J Rae