Musik Radio Promotions debuts Matthew Browning’s singles, singles “Underneath the Willow Tree” and “I Walked Over the Edge.”  The songs have been well received globally, both critically and commercially in all musical quarters due to the clever genre-hopping and stylistic melding that goes on within.

Not to mention the eloquence of the which immediately signpost an artist who sounds much less like the freshman that a debut album might suggest and more like a seasoned recording veteran who mastered the complexities of the studio many years ago.
The one thing that people remark on when first hearing Matthew Browning’s debut EP Love and Grief is the maturity of the music, the deftness of the composition, the grace and beauty of the songs. But when you learn that he has been making music, of sorts, since he was three, or as he puts it “from the time he was old enough to crawl up on the piano bench” you realize that he has already had a much longer musical journey than most people his age. School bands as a teenager and years studying music theory have resulted in an artist with not only a wide range of musical experience but with a knowledge of its internal workings that is second to none.

Theatrical rock beats at the heart of the record but that is only a starting point. Classical grace is provided by elegant string arrangements, soft ambience and progressive approaches to song structure move this beyond being merely a rock record and there is also an accessibility usually more associated with the pop canon.

But beyond the specifics of the musical building blocks, it is the glue that holds it all together that is the magical ingredient and that ingredient is space. For all the clever blends and musical weaves there is an atmosphere and anticipation, a breath between the lyrics, a pause between the notes that Matthew uses to brilliant effect.
He already has a new album scheduled for 2019 but in all likelihood you will not even have come close to eking the full enjoyment that there is to be had from Love and Grief by then.