Prairie Dogs, the perfect blend of Country, Rock and Blues, has signed with Musik and Film Records and will be promoted worldwide with single, Don’t Remember Last Night.

They say that honesty is the best policy and it is honesty that pulses away at the heart of Prairie Dogs music.  With lyrics that resonate with everyone, “Don’t Remember Last Night”, in straight down the line bar-room blues, rock swagger and country groove all wrapped up into one. The back beat is infectious, the bass drives, the guitars are big and brash but never showy or doing anything other than serving the song and the vocals gruff, honest and sung with a humorous wink to the audience.

Whilst there is something in its delivery and tone that suggests it is the product of the modern world, it chimes with a more experienced mind, a more lived in heart and a much older soul. Raw blues, early rock and roll, even sassy soul moves all come together to build music which revels in its own ragged glory, its own substance over style heart, its own celebration of the way music used to be made.

The Prairie Dogs is a collaboration between Dwight Koenning and Keith Hambrook who ended up playing in an A circuit cover band and found common ground in song writing and musical direction. Dwight’s blues influences can be heard in his vocals while hard rock influences can be heard in Keith’s guitar tracks. The country influences in their music come from growing up and living in prairies of Southern Alberta, Canada.

The Prairie Dogs songs range from ballads that deal with some of life’s most challenging issues, to party songs meant to pack the dance floor at a big saloon. Some songs are all about fun which creates a beautiful contrast against the introspective songs that deal with issues we all face.

The Prairie Dogs are coming to a radio near you.  Watch here for updates!