Musik Radio Promotions presents, Set  Fire To This Town, and sets the world on fire! Brian Iannucci’s lilting country rhythms, folk-rock deliveries, and ragged bluesy beat delivers as he stands out from the pack.

If pop music is all about infectiousness, country music speaks with honesty and blues is built on integrity, then it is at the point that all of those mix that you find Brian Iannucci’s little gem, “Set Fire To This Town”. Whilst it never fully commits to any one genre or the other, it is the ability to skirt all three, plus throw in a little rock and roll muscle, taking what it needs and forging its own musical path that makes this song, and indeed Brian as a songwriter, stand out from the pack.

It mixes lilting country rhythms, folk-rock deliveries, a ragged bluesy beat, and a soulful groove and even after fitting all of those traits together manages to retain an immediacy and infectiousness that is normally only found in classic pop writing. The fact that he is an adept piano player brings something unique to the songs, giving them much wider musical scope and a more intricate feel rather than merely hanging everything off the chord progression.

Other songs show the breadth and scope of his music, Left Lane Driving is a power-ballad infused with passion and energy, Why The Hell Should I Do Anything Else is a jaunty country-pop ode to doing what you love and Epilogue takes us right out of the “guy with guitar” territory and via its sweeping and gently brooding piano-led charms reminds us that this is someone with many strings to his sonic bow.

Brian is the sound of country music striking out to a wider audience, pop music gaining some integrity, roots music for the masses, how great a concept is that?’