Australia’s own Amanda Sempf is steppin’ out of the house and into the solo spotlight with her new single “Rainy Day Girl” currently being promoted by the fine people over at Musik Radio Promotions.  Now seeking global attention as a solo artist, Amanda is in good hands with Musik Radio Promotions.  The song has already been a BIG hit on radio stations all around the world and Sempf has even been picked up by the BBC network, which amounted to “Rainy Day Girl” being played on about 1,500 radio stations in just the first week of its release!  Not bad for someone releasing a debut single and performing alone this time around.

Amanda has a rich history in music and for years has been playing with her sisters and “mum”.  As a group they have played at numerous functions & festivals throughout Queensland and they also have three albums to their name.  So obviously the family business, in all its united glory, has been wonderful to Amanda Sempf but now it’s time to try something new.  “Rainy Day Girl” is that answer for Amanda to go along with a new album fittingly titled Hoping for a Moment.

The words “I just want to sing” are highlighted on Amanda’s website and I believe it!  This talented young lady from Down Under has a voice that is Over the Top!  Amanda Sempf has such a nice tone & quality to her voice and you do sense that she genuinely does love to sing.  The new track exhibits this quality perfectly where Amanda is blending together some Rock, Country, Pop & Adult Contemporary to make up one appealing, substance-heavy sound.

With “Rainy Day Girl” already experiencing a solid Wall of Success, there is no doubt in my mind that Amanda Sempf is more than well on her way.  Her time is now to sing…and SING LOUD for all to hear!  People can appreciate a good voice and a grounded artist, so then ladies and gentlemen get ready for Amanda Sempf.  Musik Radio Promotions will continue to push “Rainy Day Girl” to radio stations worldwide but in the meantime I think it’s safe to say that Amanda Sempf no longer needs to “hope for a moment” because she found it.


By 2J Rae