All independent artists need to be promoted by professionals. What I like about Musik & Film, is that they provide tangible results of their effort in promoting your music. I have just seen the article/review on your site… and I am almost speechless. You never cease to surprise me…it’s very nice and written with authentic passion.​​ I appreciate it very much.

Songwriter & Musician- Mark Loren

I greatly admire artists who are able to manage both their music and their promotion, I have always known that I would need a strong partner to ensure that my music reached as wide an audience as possible. I cannot describe how amazing it was to hear myself on the radio for the first time through Musik radio promotions. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Songwriter & Musician- Anjali

I greatly admire artists who are able to manage both their music and their promotion, I have always known that I would need a strong partner to ensure that my music reached as wide an audience as possible. I cannot describe how amazing it was to hear myself on the radio for the first time through Musik radio promotions. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Songwriter & Musician- Ajay Mathur

The truth is truly in the pudding and thanks to Musik & Films for being truthful and honest.This company will burn down the bushes along side the trees to get your artist though the forest where radio stations can hear your music. Musik & Films is an Independent music labels dream come true…Stephen & Rhonda thanks for keeping it real..!!

Walking Tall Records, Jim Lloyd

Musik and Film’s promotions strategies have created spectacular results. My single was distributed and picked up for airplay worldwide! This helped to promote my brand gave me spectacular exposure. The process was easy to use and far eclipsed previous efforts that I have attempted to get my quality music noticed! No other promotion option that I have seen can even come close!

Singer Songwriter – Brian Iannucci

Thank you guys for everything you are doing for us! You guys are very much appreciated! You guys have been the most honest and on point company we’ve worked with!

Singer Songwriter – Cadillac Muzik

I am so pleased that I found Music and Film Radio Promotions. As an independent artist it is hard to know who can deliver, and in a world of being nickled and dimed to death by so many who say they can help, this company is worth their weight in gold!  They have far exceeded my expectations and are ten steps ahead of any other radio promoters I have worked with!  President Stephen Wrench delivers on everything he says!  His knowledge, experience and contacts in the music industry are wide and far reaching.  I highly recommend this company!!!!  They have earned a five star rating from me!

Singer Songwriter – Downie

Hi guys First of all we would like to thank you all for such a spectacular performance for Garek.Stephen’s crew at Musik and Film we have created a monster…hit!


I had the honour of sitting on Musik and Film’s working group, a beautiful dream for a band like us..they know music, they live with music, and they can help you. I am delighted to be one of them. If you want a real “boost” for your project, don’t look somewhere else.

Davide-Kristof Acs from iLLacrimo

Words can’t describe how blessed I feel to be working with such an awesome production and prromotional team. Love you guys, love the mix

Jerry Bogan

Looks like were holding at No 2 on the Rock chart which is awesome.On behalf of the lads at Fuser we would like to say a massive thanks very much to you and the team. We are hugely appreciative of the hard work from you guys.Thanks again and have a great week


Musik and Film have been so great to work with. They believed in my song ‘Forgive and Forget’ from the beginning and have been promiting it to so many radio stations all around the world!

Maggie Szabo

My name is Tony Katsaras, I was SR. VP of Floyd Records INC. CEO was Floyd Bocox.  We had many artists and promoted them with radio promotion companies. They killed our Indie small budget for the tenths of thousands we paid. Got a few stations. got one play a day, no rotation. What a waste of money. Radio airplay was always for the big Boys or Girls, with budgets of $250.000 to $1,000.000. But that was yesterday, Now comes along along, Musik and Film Promotions, thanks to the digital age.  I am now with them,on my third artist,paying a real small amount compare to what I have spent.   Stephen Wrench who is Pres. has a HEART and understands singers and musicians. He has worked with many, just to name a few, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd,the Byrds, I could go on forever. He offers services  Management, Music Consultancy, Videos, Licensing, Recordings, and mastering, sets up Concerts, But most of all, he get you EXPOSE to 250,000 thousand plus radio stations, 180 countries, he is a multiple world wide seasoned professional,and has built in relationships with 1000’s of radio stations. My expectations are so high now I am working with him,My artist Dante Kim  ck. out web site, The first day we hooked over 200 stations and growing. We are getting emails from program directors saying good to great songs and asking for an interview with Dante.I can not believe this is happening on a small budget. I am so happy with Musik and Film promotion, we have reached thousands of radios around the world, reach No. 6 on Euro Indie Music Chart the first month and now the song is broadcast at the US 20 countdown show to over 500 radio stations in the U.S. Great job!


As the songs from my album ‘9 to 3’continue to rank high up in multiple national airplay charts for over thirty weeks, peaking at #1, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Stephen Wrench and his excellent team at M&F for a professional and successful radio promotion. Working with M&F team has been a delightful experience. Stephen is a seasoned professional who continues to advise me really well, both on tactical approach for a successful radio promotion and on the choice of the right song to maximize airplay. VENTS Magazine asked me in a recent interview if I had “any advice for musicians looking to enter into the industry or make an album?” ( My answer: “Collaborate with industry professionals”.

I´m happy to work with Stephen Wrench and his kind team. Incredible, how fast the success came. Very professional work together and the activities exactly hit the point.

Harry Tietjen


Working with Musik & Film Radio Promotions has been glorious. Because of built-in relationships with thousands of radio stations worldwide, it has enabled me to chart both nationally and internationally amongst major label artists.


I’d like to thank Stephen Wrench and his amazing team for what they’ve done for the music I’ve been fortunate enough to create. I love how they sincerely believe in the music they promote and passionately work ceaselessly to obtain results. I have had more hits to my website, more streaming of my songs, even the songs they were not contracted to promote. If you’re an independent artist wanting to get serious about getting your music out there, this company is the one to help you to the next level. Thank you again!

Noreen Crayton

As a non major label, you do not have access and direct links to major national radio fm stations and other options for promotion and without promotion no one will be aware about the artist.I have tried most of the different services and companies offering for airplay promotion with different costs which are more or less expensive and they have been mostly a disappointment with very limited results or limited amount of stations to be reached.It is of course crucial that the material have a potential.

I have used Musik and Film service for 3 of my artist and the outcome is way above my expectations and the amount of countries that have downloaded the songs.I was counting to maybe have a couple of hundred stations but it is over 10,000 stations including syndicated radio and fex BBC in the US.

Film and music is the only one that delivers a result. If you need airplay, use Musik and Film Radio Promotions.

Roland Billberg (CEO, Billberg Entertainmnet Ltd)

Can’t say enough great things about Musik and Film! Professional, kind and maybe best of all…. musical! With their understanding and background in the music business on the Artist’s side, they listen not only to your music but to you and can respond to your questions and concerns. Having toured Internationally a great deal, it was very important to me to have my music be heard around the world as there are very loyal fans everywhere out there! Music has no borders and this is the place to be!! I’m so happy to be working with them.

Shani and Cherokee Music Group

I’m sure if any musician was asked what they would like to accomplish with their gift of songs, they would reply, simply reach and connect with people through their music. Working with MUSIK and FILM has helped me accomplish this! Thank you MAF for your support of independent artists like me, who just don’t have the big budgets that major labels have. Because of you we can still make a difference. My hat’s off to you all!

Cheers, Brad Tucker

Stephen Wrench is a joy to work with! He is professional in every way! Stephen and Musik and Film delivered as promised. He sent my song, “Catch A Snowflake” as recorded by Matt Newton to over 160,000 radio stations worldwide on November 11, 2013. He made a follow up with the radio programmers about 2 weeks later. The song has been played on over 50,000 radio stations worldwide and has remained on the DRT Adult Contemporary and Rock National Top 50 Charts for about 12 weeks now. The song reached number 11 on the Adult Contemporary Charts! I look forward to working with Stephen Wrench again in the near future!

Thornton Cline, Nashville Songwriter Clinetel Music

I have 35 years experience in the business world and have experienced both the good and bad. When my son asked me to help manage his band, we needed help to learn and guide us thru the shark infested music industry. I found Musik and Film and Stephen on the Indie on the Move website.

Stephen and I had an immediate connection. Here is what you will get and what I have experienced with Stephen:

1. An immediate response to your emails. Weekdays and weekends he has responded to my emails promptly.
2. He will pick up the phone when you call him. He has never ignored or been unresponsive to my phone calls.
3. Honesty – He has been upfront and honest evaluating our band, website and facebook page.
4. Knowledge & Experience – When we needed our latest EP mastered because our original mastering company couldn’t get it done, Stephen got it done in 48 hours with tremendous sound and reasonable cost.
5. When we needed a new band logo and website again Stephen connected us up with a superb graphic designer to do it both professionally and economically.
6. Professional Management – Stephen gave us a one year timeline for the development and marketing of our band at no charge.

But most of all RESULTS!

We have been picked up by 180 radio stations both in the U.S. and worldwide in 2 months!

I highly recommend Music and Film and Stephen to anybody and everybody in the music industry.


Dirk Baumgardner, Managing Partner Seventh Tower

This year in 2013, When so many people began telling me about my music it “deserved to be heard” . I found Musik and Film. Not only is my music playing all over the world but I signed publishing deals and was featured in several prominent magazines. I am on my fourth single now and am playing on over 50,000 radio stations on all continents. I am very pleased.

Laurel Moore, One Lady Jazz

I couldn’t be happier with Musik Radio Promotions! On the first day, I was blown away by all of the adds to worldwide radio! I was literally watching more and more stations pour in! Not only that, but Stephen went above and beyond to make sure we could work together. I highly recommend Musik & Film to any artist wanting to reach the world with their music!

Tom Taylor

I feel I built a rapport with Stephen from day one….very easy going and likeable guy…and nothing was too hard…we shared some stories that are insane and I guess we come from a similar background in music…a similar era…the classic rock ’When the van is rockin’ don’t come knockin’ era…and the influences very much gel.

Their interpretations and ideas did surprise me at times…but I listened and absorbed and came away with a sense of excitement that Stephen and Terry….. that someone like Musik and Film were actually interested enough to take the time in listening to my songs, tearing them apart…positively…and then helping me put them back together in ways that I hadn’t considered.

I think that they’ve taught me a number of things…and I’m grateful …I’m always learning and will certainly incorporate some of their fundamentals moving forward.

I love the rawness and the naturalness they’ve brought out particularly on the second track “Insatiable”. It’s emotive and raw and passionate…”forget trying to make your voice sound good…just let your emotions run”…so said Stephen…..let it blend with the exciting acoustic guitars.

Rhett May

Wow. What a great lady!! Rhonda is a caring and compassionate person, both personally and professionally and really cares about her involvement with the Artist. Her straight ahead approach to the Music and Recording Industry is just what we need right now!! I am proud to for the opportunity to work both with Rhonda, Stephen and MusikandFilm Records. Thank you both very much.

Vincent, The Bleeding Rose & The Slight Return


Admittedly I was nervous about working with Musik and Film, as I was already happy with my track “I Believe In You” as it was. Stephen Wrench has taken a good mix and made it superb – PLUS been a pleasure to work with. He has  been great to communicate with (even when I misunderstood things), and quick to make changes I requested to really nail the fine details. I look forward to a growing relationship and more good things to come!

In regards to my plans – I am SUPER excited to be launching this track to Radio with you guys and currently planning a tour for late October in NZ (and possibly a few dates in Australia). I will be performing at the National Country Music Awards in August as I have been nominated for the Horizon Award again this year. (I’m the only artist to have ever been nominated twice!). All in all a massive year and looking forward to many more great things to come!

David Shanhun

I also want to thank, Stephen Wrench and Terry Nails  from Musik and Film for co-producing with me on our new CD, “Obsession”. Bringing out the power and edge to every song on the CD. These guys don’t miss a trick, they totally nail it. They’re great guys to work with. I also want to thank Stephen for releasing Obsession world wide, and getting our music on radio stations throughout the world. Stephen Wrench is also a true brother and a great friend.

Chronic Edge

This year 2013, when so many people began telling that my music it ‘deserved to be heard’, I began seriously looking for a way to do just that. But how could I achieve this? Without having the right contacts in the industry?Musik and Film offer the kind of potential worldwide airplay that musicians dream of!! Within only two weeks my music was playing on over 1500 stations all over US, Europe, UK Australia and beyond. How do I know this? Because I receive my own link to my own downloads and streams – whenever I choose to view it. So I always know which radio stations are playing my songs!Stephen and Rhonda have a built excellent reputation in the music industry that precedes them – backed by many years of experience in the business. This means that as radio stations take them seriously when they introduce a new artist. They open doors – and I am ecstatically happy to walk through this open door — to success! Knowing that my work is being valued and supported by Musik and Film and their team. It’s just one of the best feelings…

Laurel Moore/OneLadyJazz

I just want to thank Musik and Film for getting my music out there and heard. I never dreamed I would make the charts and its all possible because of Steve and Rhonda, who happen to be some of the kindest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet! Thank you so very much!! And much success to us all!!! :)

Debbie Merkel

I’ve been pursuing my music for over a decade and I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of great people along the way. I’ve worked with a few different organizations with hopes of gaining the success I desire. There were lots of empty promises and expectations fell short of the goal more times than not. Since my recent signing with MusikandFilm, I’ve been very impressed with the staff because of their genuine desire to see my music succeed. Stephen Wrench and Rhonda Houston communicate promptly and often as possible and most importantly have been honest in our dealings together. We’ve been able to gain huge strides right out of the gate and our project is making big waves at country radio. I’ve finally found a home with Musik and Film.

Ryan Casper


We cannot thank Stephen Wrench, Rhonda Wrench and the crew at Musik and Film enough. To have a song that we wrote, being broadcast worldwide in the same playlists as Alan Jackson, Johnny Cash, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift etc. IT’S AN HONOR!!!!!!! What an incredible feeling!!! We are SO GRATEFUL for the work you have done and believing in our product. You guys rock!

Lorne Hemmerling and Elizabeth Storms.

Your service has been priceless to me. I do appreciate it alot. Because without Film and Music underdogs would never be able reach the full capacity to be a success.

Mojo Mayne

Since first learning about Musik and Film I have been keeping an ongoing conversation with Stephen Wrench who has helped to get my music out to a much wider audience than I could have ever imagined. Once I took the first step in signing a deal with them Musik and Film has now placed a song from my solo album that is reaching stations across the globe.

Now mind you I had been sitting back and waiting for the right opportunity to expose myself as an artist to a much bigger audience than I had to date. Oh I have the web pages at most of the same sites other musicians have and have seen that you have to do a heck of lot of work just to get a few fans or listeners to come by your site to listen to the music and get them out to shows. Well this just was taking more money and time than I have to waste so I finally called Stephen and started to work out a plan with him.

During the second week of April of this year I drove across country to Jacksonville to sit down with Stephen and get things rolling. We met for lunch and worked out the details and I took the deal. By the time I got home things were already set in motion and I was receiving the first radio reports.

Well I could not have been more elated as for once something someone promised me in the music business actually was exactly what they said it would be. Now streaming and being played was the song every one said would be my hit record, “Da Church Of Da Blues”. As I went through the list of call letters and station names I found that the song was getting lots of airplay and picking up stations and networks daily.

I am sure in no small way was the fact that the folks at Musik and Film put together a promotion to radio around the globe in such a way that had not been done for me even by the label that the album was recorded on. In fact every time I think about 20,000 stations and networks playing my music it is way beyond my comprehension how for so little outlay of funds that this was possible. Trust me folks it is and was possible as the radio reports keep showing this and the fact that some jocks are writing the folks at Musik and Film to thank them for turning them on to the song which the jocks were now playing. When I got emails showing the correspondence between Stephen and the jocks it really said something to me: these folks are doing just what they promised me they would do and I am now telling other great artists that are my friends to contact Musik and Film and get their music out there where it belongs streaming through the airwaves picking up new followers where ever they go.

Now I can say that if you are and artist rather be it you are young or old if I had once place I thought you could get your record off the ground then you need to do just what I did. Contact Stephen and get your songs out to major stations and networks all over the world. It can be done for so little that the results have surpassed all my efforts to date to get airplay and even more when I see emails from stations that have moved my song to the top of their airplay list coming in at No. 1 within just weeks of the song going out to stations around the globe. Yes, around the globe.

So why just fight the system that the labels want you to? Why wait for a chance for your songs to be heard when you can do it now by going away from the labels to Musik and Film and get the airplay now that will get your music heard? So if you are ready this for the first time and you ask me what I would do now you have my answer. Forget the labels and all the crap they are going to put you through when you don’t need them anymore. They are dinosaurs just hoping you will keep trying to get a record deal and they can take all the money you make and then give you bits and pieces of what they are making off you while keeping most of it for themselves. Not me. I was tired of have to fight for everything I got. The endless trips to Nashville, LA, and New York only to go home with nothing in hand. Oh sure they told me I was just what the industry needed and I was just the shot of adrenaline that would bring back the style of music I was creating. However, I would go home with nothing in hand and I knew I would not hear back from them once I left and headed home.

So it has been sheer delight to have something work the way you are promised it would. Stephen set a plan for me that could pay for and something the label could have done but sat on their asses instead of just getting the music out there and letting it work for both of us. No that will never happen again. I am not just music artist but I am a producer of other bands. Instead of making those long drives to Nashville I will be simply sending my artists to Musik and Film and let them control their own destiny by working with someone for once who does just as they say they would do. I was told I would be going out to stations around the world. This has happened. I was told I would get promotion to those networks and stations which I have and have seen proof of just by looking up the networks and finding my music being played by these networks. From Croatia to Upper Michigan to Canada to Internet pod casts from France the music is out there and it is working for me.

I have been for a number of years trying to find a talent agent that would work with us and get us more shows that would lead to us getting in to major festivals around the globe. Well I was pleasantly surprise on e morning to find a talent agent would take us on. He heard the music being broadcast and liked the song and decided to come on board and handle us. This has led to booking agents who are now in the process of working on getting us gigs. all because I decided to take the advise of my friend, Steve Wheeler, who is a trusted friend and fellow musician who said if I could get hooked up with Stephen Wrench that I would be going to someone who would do just as he said he would and could think of anyone that he trusted more. Coming from Steve Wheeler who like me has been through Hell and is fighting his way back I knew it was time to stop hovering and come in for a landing.

So if you are tired of fighting the labels. You have spent more money trying to get heard but no one is listening. If you want to have you songs heard around the world but couldn’t get a second look from radio jocks then stop fighting and come to Musik and Film. they will make this a day when you will be heard. You will be played. I know it is working right now for me. The staff is super friendly. They are veterans just like myself who have been in the industry for a while and no how to get things done. It is a no frills no bull crap company that follows through where others just watch your money make them money while you starve. With Musik and Film you will be getting airplay. You will find stations all over the globe ready for some real music not the crap the labels are pushing right now and losing money on.

I have been around to watch a lot of great bands come and go in my life. Many fought the system until they went were spent and had nothing left except to go back to a day job and work for far less than they could of made playing music. When I came to Musik and Film we sat down and worked out the details and I went home knowing for once that I was in good hands. That just for once I was going to get a lot more than I had to pay for to get it and no one promised me anything they could not deliver as proven week after week when the radio reports come in. So don’t spend all your money and energy on getting a deal when you don’t need a record label anymore. Just contact the folks at Musik and Film and get your music out to a larger audience right now.

Bleu Lane

You gotta love Stephen Wrench, Rhonda Wrench , and the entire (MAF) staff’s approach to music/business. It’s very rare to find a company that’s knowledgeable, passionate, but still respectful to its constituents.

Joanne, Phil, and Buddy, 7Horses

Musik and Film helped me get my music heard to radio stations all over the world. Thanks to Stephen and his whole team, I am now being played in the UK, USA, Netherlands and all over Europe. I really appreciate Musik and Film’s support of my music and very impressed by the results I am getting now. For any artist who has been struggling with a dream and would love to be heard among the many, this is the right home for you. Again, thank you Stephen and your whole gang, I look forward to the future and the success to come!

Amy Gass

Musik Radio Promotions helped expose my music to a global audience, and this is just the beginning! My new single ‘RSVP’ (Come Back Baby) was just sent to radio yesterday, and the response has been tremendous so far. My previous single, ‘Love Me’, was a Top 10 indie hit in the UK! Musik Radio Promotions works! Thanks for all of your support, Musik and Film!

Norm Adams Music

Many thanks to Stephen and Rhonda Wrench and to all the fine folks at Musik and Film for doing a wonderful job of promoting my new CD! It really is amazing and rewarding to learn how my music is being so well received, in many new markets, all over the world.

Fiddler Tim Smith

We are totally committed to making this work and the more we work with you guys the more we value your belief and support in us! Cost of promo is fair…


I couldn’t be happier with Musik Radio Promotions. Even with the amazing results, I am most impressed with their honesty. It has been a great experience and I look forward to working with them more in the future.

Derek Stinson (singer/songwriter Cletus Romp)

A big thanks to Musik and Film Radio Promotions Team for helping my daughter, “Adrianna Freeman get her music to the World.

Thanks Big Ed

Thank you again for your info provided and I wish you the best with your company. I´m really pleased with your services.

Paul LeRocq.

Hi, this is Ian JohnnyX with Chicago rock-punkers Voice Of Addiction. We have only been using Musik and Film for a few weeks and already we received an immediate response from over 100 stations spinning our music!

Voice Of Addiction

We are so grateful to be working with Musik and Film. I cannot say enough great things about the Label! The personalized hands on and respect and the going out of their way for you. Thank you for making things happen!

Joanne Filips

Great Service! I highly recommend Musik and Film. We are located in Luxembourg, Luxembourg, and we were a little skeptical, at first, but now we are thrilled with the radio promotion so far with the very professional press release and initial radio support of our new single released song “Move Your Body.” Stephen and Rhonda Wrench have created a “tried and true” system that every music artist needs to take advantage of by putting you in touch with world wide radio “LIVE” and on the internet. If the world does not know who you are they can not find you – which we have seen blowing it up for several years in Europe. MAF have a practical and realistic approach to announcing your band to the music business and in turn using this for you to be heard by potential fans. No tricks, no magic just connecting and networking with outlets that can help push your music. Just put it in and let the “FUNK” speak for itself. Let it move you, groove you and set you free. MAF gives your music a chance to do this…on a much bigger scale. Exposure…Exposure…Exposure. If you want professional and honest promotion get with Stephen…just send him your music and see what he says.

Funky P

For a guy who’s been banging his head on the outside walls of this crazy music biz for almost 30 years, meeting and working with Stephen Wrench and his associates at Musik and film has been almost too good to be true. Stephen has single-handedly taken 5 of my songs and molded them into grand creations Stephen is the ‘real deal’ — honest, hard-working, talented, and with ears that catch, at times, way too much, lol! I suppose one has to first experience the phonies, wannabe’s and con-artists in this business to truly appreciate professionalism and world-class talent, and that’s just what’s happened to me in my recent experience with Stephen. Whatever success I have with this material in the coming months and years will be largely attributable to Stephen and the good folks at Musikandfilm. Here’s looking forward to a great journey together.

J.J. Crowne

I’ve worked with Stephen many times over the years and will for sure work with him again. His honesty and straight forward style is a welcome relief in business today. A really great person.

The Late Jimi Jamison

Stephen Wrench and his team at Musik and Film are doing a great job getting our music heard at radio stations throughout the world. Our album spent five weeks on the top 20 at the Swedish Album Chart (spring 2009). Our first single “The Bridge” was one of the 15 most aired songs at National Radio in Sweden during the first six months of 2009. Thank you Stephen Wrench for making it all happen.

Johan Wahlstrom, Stockholm Stoner

We recently signed a distribution and radio promotion deal with Stephen Wrench, and we are very happy to have done so. His response to our needs are impeccable. His creative guidance in regards to producing by suggesting and adding other instruments to our recordings has proved to be a positive and fun experience. We look forward to a long lasting relationship of working together on future projects!

Joanne, Phil, and Buddy, 7Horses

There are a lot of companies these days biding for the business of music professionals that quite frankly have lost touch with the rapid changes in the music business, which is where Stephen Wrench differs and excels with his proactive and visionary approach to tackle the digital revolution head-on. His personalized hands-on engagement in delivering results is what I have personally come to respect and appreciate in helping my band meet our music objectives.

Stephen Wrench has believed in us and our music from the start, he has stuck by us and stood up for us. Stephen is an honest and sincere voice in the music industry and he has integrity, which is rare. He treats his artists with respect. We are grateful to be working with him.

Brett Pedersen and Pete Weaver, Half the World

WOW not one but 4 BBC networks picked it up Good heavens!!! Well done to all of you, the musical additions and mastering did the trick!

Nicole Taylor