A whole new generation has taken it upon themselves to give blues-rock a new lease of life and right at the forefront of this not so quiet revolution is Elevation Falls.  Since the beginning of a campaign by Musik Radio Promotions, the world is spinning Elevation Falls  in North America, South America, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.  The song, What Will Be, is an acoustic version. The song was selected by Reverbnation for a featured artist slot on their platform, and the band held the number 1 position for Rock Nationally, maintaining No 2 for all genres, and reaching 112 in their global charts

As might be expected the core sound is blues delivered through a classic rock filter and an iconic twin guitar attack but it is the other elements that they blend into this timeless rock sound that not only defines them but raises them above their peers.

While they can be seen as the continuation of a line that connects the musical dots of Cream, Led Zeppelin and fellow Dubliners Thin Lizzy, there is far more at work here than it might appear on the first listen.  Once you get your ear in, all number of suppleness and subtlety reveals itself. A clear understanding of their place in the history of the genre runs through their songs but also occasionally the drama of neo-classical rock; emotive, underpinning piano lines and in singer Hazel Jade that classic voice that seems to come along so rarely. It’s a delivery that captures the resonance and emotion of blues but delivers it with the required force of rock, a delivery that makes you sit up and take notice, a delivery that conjures the image of a young Ann Wilson, and that’s not bad company to be in.

But a band is more than just about a singer and even though the band operate in fairly familiar territory it is how you cut that musical cloth to make exciting new shapes and interesting designs that is the key to moving the genre forward. And that is exactly what Elevation Falls do. Effortlessly. Elevation Falls is a close-knit band, driven by the passion of manager/promoter, Belinda Rogers. Fronted by their “Warrior Queen”, the powerful and unique 21-year old singer/songwriter, Hazel Jade, the band was formed when she was 16.  Rounding up the band with duelling guitarist Chris & Darragh, alongside a pumping rhythm section provided by the young drumming protege Korey and the multi-talented instrumentalist Gabriel, Together, they are truly revolutionizing the blues-rock scene in Ireland and beyond.

And the proof is always in deeds not words so the fact that, despite their young age,  we’ve seen them perform throughout Europe and their music and videos have been played across the globe should be enough to underline their potential.  Their most recent review of April 3rd, 2017  by the Irish Music Site ‘MusiBiz’ represents the impact this band have on the audience when they saw them perform live, “Go and see this band. There is so much going on at this show, both in new music and showmanship . It is one of the best nights you will ever have. These guys know more about the old rock legends than I do and at such a young age too.. Its fantastic to see new bands being so influenced by artists that are long gone and unknown to so many of the new generation. I feel revitalised and confident that this Band will bring us forward to a brand new Rock era in Ireland and carry with them, some of those great influences from the Irish rock legends that graced the stage before them”.  Musibiz

The band doesn’t take their place in the world lightly. They do a lot of charity work as a band, and have supported www.jacketoffyourback.com (homeless and displaced charity worldwide) with a Christmas Charity Single and many other charities, in particular those to do with homelessness such as Focus Ireland, Simon Community, Oxfam and many more. They’ve just become part of a recent Northern Ireland charity initiative called ‘Chronically Fabulous‘, which is a photography and touring music campaign about body positivity and chronic illness and challenging perceptions.  Hazel Jade (lead singer) who has been bullied online about her weight and personal style for a number of years, is also very supportive of any charities that help young people in these circumstance. She has been on radio discussing her experiences, how she copes, and also supports charities concerned with suicide prevention.

It’s safe to say that “Elevation Falls” represents a whole new generation that has revolutionzed the blues-rock scence.  This is a band that is going places, so why not be one of those music aficionados who in the not too distant future is able to give a knowing nod and say “Ahh yes, Elevation Falls, I remember them back in the early days…”