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​We are extremely honored to be "officially" on the site of Musik & Film Records in their roster artists. We are also in eternal debt with Mr Stephen Wrench and his wife Mrs Rhonda Houston, probably the most upstanding people we ever meet in the music industry. Forever in dept with you. Siamo estremamente felici di essere nel roster ufficiale degli artisti della MAF, con un ringraziamento speciale a Mr e Mrs Wrench per essere sempre stati trasparenti e disponibili con noi.


Rock Band
There is music, and music and more music. But there is only one Musik and Film….. if and when you or your label decide to reach out for true and real radio promotion or marketing, look no further....Musik and Film is where you need to be. I personally have been around this business for years and I’ve spent a great deal of money trying to get our label into a status where we could try and compete with the major labels for any kind of radio airplay or fairness playing in a game where all the cards are stacked against you. Well you need not look any further… Musik and Film will explain it to you straight with no chaser about what and how they may be able to do. Our company experience with them has been awesome and you won’t be given a song and dance….Musik and Film will answer any and all concerns you may want or at least need to know about this music business. So believe me…..you can keep blowing your money up in smoke  or you can put the fire out now..by getting in touch with Musik and Film….truthfully they will go out of their way to get your music to where you want it to go…facts no fiction…

Jim Lloyd

President, Walking Tall Records
Thank you guys for everything you are doing for us!  You guys are very much appreciated!  You guys have been the most honest and on point company we've worked with!

Cadillac Muzik

Singer Songwriter

Musik and Film's promotions strategies have created spectacular results. My single was distributed and picked up for airplay worldwide! This helped to promote my brand gave me spectacular exposure. The process was easy to use and far eclipsed previous efforts that I have attempted to get my quality music noticed! No other promotion option that I have seen can even come close!

Brian Iannucci

Singer Songwriter

I am so pleased that I found Music and Film Radio Promotions. As an independent artist it is hard to know who can deliver, and in a world of being nickled and dimed to death by so many who say they can help, this company is worth their weight in gold!  They have far exceeded my expectations and are ten steps ahead of any other radio promoters I have worked with!  President Stephen Wrench delivers on everything he says!  His knowledge, experience and contacts in the music industry are wide and far reaching.  I highly recommend this company!!!!  They have earned a five star rating from me!  

Downie Streah

Singer Songwriter
Looks like were holding at No 2 on the Rock chart which is awesome.On behalf of the lads at Fuser we would like to say a massive thanks very much to you and the team. We are hugely appreciative of the hard work from you guys.Thanks again and have a great week


Rock Band
Admittedly I was nervous about working with Musik and Film, as I was already happy with my track “I Believe In You” as it was. Stephen Wrench has taken a good mix and made it superb – PLUS been a pleasure to work with. He has been great to communicate with (even when I misunderstood things), and quick to make changes I requested to really nail the fine details. I look forward to a growing relationship and more good things to come! In regards to my plans – I am SUPER excited to be launching this track to Radio with you guys and currently planning a tour for late October in NZ (and possibly a few dates in Australia). I will be performing at the National Country Music Awards in August as I have been nominated for the Horizon Award again this year. (I’m the only artist to have ever been nominated twice!). All in all a massive year and looking forward to many more great things to come!

David Shanhun

Singer songwriter
Stephen Wrench is a joy to work with! He is professional in every way! Stephen and Musik and Film delivered as promised. He sent my song, “Catch A Snowflake” as recorded by Matt Newton to over 160,000 radio stations worldwide on November 11, 2013. He made a follow up with the radio programmers about 2 weeks later. The song has been played on over 50,000 radio stations worldwide and has remained on the DRT Adult Contemporary and Rock National Top 50 Charts for about 12 weeks now. The song reached number 11 on the Adult Contemporary Charts! I look forward to working with Stephen Wrench again in the near future!

Thornton Cline

“As a non major label, you do not have access and direct links to major national radio fm stations and other options for promotion and without promotion no one will be aware about the artist.I have tried most of the different services and companies offering for airplay promotion with different costs which are more or less expensive and they have been mostly a disappointment with very limited results or limited amount of stations to be reached.It is of course crucial that the material have a potential. I have used Musik and Film service for 3 of my artist and the outcome is way above my expectations and the amount of countries that have downloaded the songs.I was counting to maybe have a couple of hundred stations but it is over 10,000 stations including syndicated radio and fex BBC in the US. Film and music is the only one that delivers a result. If you need airplay, use Musik and Film Radio Promotions.”

Roland Billberg

CEO Billberg Entertainment
I’d like to thank Stephen Wrench and his amazing team for what they’ve done for the music I’ve been fortunate enough to create. I love how they sincerely believe in the music they promote and passionately work ceaselessly to obtain results. I have had more hits to my website, more streaming of my songs, even the songs they were not contracted to promote. If you’re an independent artist wanting to get serious about getting your music out there, this company is the one to help you to the next level. Thank you again!

Noreen Crayton

Singer songwriter








We strategically promote our artists worldwide with custom digital press kits. With radio promotion to 5 continents, 180 countries, and over 250,000 stations, no other promotions service comes close to our target audience size. Our station database has been carefully developed through years of nurturing relationships of trust with radio programmers who know they can rely on Musik Radio Promotions to send them quality music. That means more listeners and fans for you.








Our distribution service is the best in the business, facilitated through our coveted relationship with Sony and Universal. These major networking outlets provide pioneering music and video distribution services operating in more than 20 global markets and 2200 outlets in 5 continents. This amplifies an artists reach and revenue across hundreds of digital and mobile outlets around the world.


Let It Rain (before production) Jerry Bogan
Let It Rain (after production) Jerry Bogan

Whether we are recording, mixing, mastering, or even personally playing on the recording, co-writing and arranging your work with you, the experience and quality of Musik and Film’s Production team is unrivaled. We can remix or remaster your album and make it stand up to any major release. We can also add instrumentation! We have top musicians around the world willing to add instrumentation to your record.

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