Despite her young age, Szandra Mayer’s single, Paradise, offers something wonderful for a pop record. Plugged worldwide by Musik Radio Promotions, Paradise has charted in on the DRT top 50 USA Pop Chart and the Euro Indie Music Charts

You can make a good argument for the fact that music is such a thriving industry these days because artists are starting younger and younger and therefore achieving high-standards at a much earlier age that they would have in the past. Artists such as Szandra Mayer are all the proof you need.  Performing since the age of three and now still only eleven, her single Paradise belies her young age and offers something both wonderfully mature and instantly accessible for a pop record.

She manages to combine her natural innocence with a deftly constructed song to create a sound that wanders between a sort of commercially driven dream-pop and an infectious yet spacious dance track. The charm of the sound that she has created is that it shows that she is getting the basics right, that she knows and has mastered the idea that music can be extremely effective with having very little going on, as long as it is the right “very little.”

Paradise is built from a structure of minimal beats and well-honed musical textures, a willful understatement and natural reserve none of which get in the way of her voice which even at this young age is remarkable. It is music forged from atmospheres and fragility but music that also ticks all the right boxes for the commercial pop market.

Maybe it is time for a revolution, a subtle, gentle one which seems to just wash in and slowly take over from the brashness and bright lights which currently dominate. When that happens Paradise will become that cause’s rallying song and Szandra Mayer will stand at the head of a new pop movement, one that proves that just because music is simple doesn’t mean that it can’t be wonderfully effective…not to mention charming, elegant and fun.