Max Lisa is a singer/ songwriter/guitarist whose music mixes elements from rock, pop and country. He has been hitting the USA charts since the beginning, getting his music heard and gaining fans all over the world teaming up with Musik Radio Promotions.  Max has promoted several songs through Musik and Film including ‘Walking Dead’ and currently, ‘My Baby’.

Musik and Film is loving the reactions of fans and asked Max to share some of this personal thoughts about life and career:

What do you think distinguishes a true music artist from an entertainer?

An entertainer gives pleasure. An artist lead to transformations and can even influence your life!


What do you want to always be remembered for?

I would like to write some albums people will listen for decades and will remember me for those. In this way I could virtually live… forever!


Besides music, what are 3 of your favorite things?

Sailing in open waters, flying airplanes (I’ve an FAA pilot license) and travelling in remote areas. I love wild nature.


 Do you play any instruments? 

I do play guitar since I was 12. I play also some piano.


How would you describe your music?

A blend between rock, country and pop with attention to melody.


When did you realize that you wanted a career in music and what prompted that decision?

I was playing Let it Be at a party, When I started to play the guitar solo the audience started to clap so loud that I felt a “new” sensation and I told to myself: I want to feel this more and more and more…

Thanks for sharing the heart of an indie artist Max!