Rohan Solomon charts world indie with, Victoria’s Secret.

Rohan Solomon is a Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Vocal Coach and Audio Engineer, all rolled into one. In between the time he spent in hishometown New Delhi and The Big Apple, his love for pop-choruses grew along with his reputation of being a ‘conscious songwriter’.

The world of the singer-songwriter has always been one full of stiff competition. It’s one of the few, still pure forms within contemporary music and it is also one which seems to appeal to every guitar-wielding wannabe trying to get a slice of fame and fortune. But there is a real art to making a song work using only the most understated sonic building blocks.

His first solo single of 2020 – Keep Holdin On, was inspired by and released during first phase of the Coronavirus lockdown-led social isolation. Rohan’s latest video single titled Victoria’s Secret takes the story ahead from the initial stages of anxiety and fear to introspection and is pretty much a master-class in standing out from the pop pack.

Whilst you have to have a great song to start with, and Victoria’s Secret is certainly that, it is what you chose to build around it which is the real art. Here, Rohan Solomon proves that he is the master of adding the perfect musical lines to his original sonic sketch.

And although he deftly adds everything from dynamic drum fills to brooding cellos to the song, it is their sparing use that brings the best out of the song building soaring dynamic when needed, dropping down into sensitive lulls when called for, which creates the magic. Rather than swath the song in too many additional textures, he instead uses these sounds to highlight and heighten but still creates plenty of space and lets the light shine through creating atmosphere ad anticipation.

Working in such a creative field might seem like a simple task but it is only when you hear artists such as Rohan Solomon that you realise just how much can be achieved with just the right musical choices.

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