“Merrin” charged to the forefront of radio airplay all over the world with single, “Sober Reminder” picking up the BBC network of radio stations after 10 minutes of promotions from Musik Radio.

Musik and Film Records now announce the coming release of  Merrin’s EP, Don’t Forget to Breathe. The 5 track EP will be released digitally by the Orchard with 7000 retail outlets in 243 countries.  World-wide physical distribution will be done by The Orchard/Sony and Musik Radio Promotions will promote to over 30,000 radio stations for international airplay.

“Don’t Forget to Breathe” is a roller coaster ride through the highs and lows of human emotion, using strong sensual vocals and raunchy kick-driven grooves to weave you into a twisted web of seductive aggression.

MERRIN, considering they have only been together for one year, say its been amazing! They hit the studio in March and are slowly releasing five singles all focused towards the progressive/alternative genre. Their sound – sultry, soul-infused rock with “A Tina Turner, Evanescence and No Doubt cocktail”.

Follow their journey to success at:

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