The Bleeding Rose new single, Gimme Wot I Want, has been released to worldwide distribution by Musik and Film Records.

“The music is written on a super personal level, inviting the audience to identify with each song as though it were written exclusively for them, which, in a way, is true, if the lyrics are taken on their own merit, otherwise, there is always the option of ignoring them and just digging the music itself,” says Vincent Elt, principal songwriter and founder of the band.
“In essence, the music is simply a vehicle for the lyrics and we try to present the work as much as possible to reassure the listener that we are all on this journey together, without the usual bullshit attitudes associated with so called musicians these days. We are here to entertain, yes, but with substance.”

Musik Radio Promotions has released for international airplay and has been well received by PDs across the globe.

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