Musik and Film and its associated labels Cinderella, Out of the Box, and Musik and Film Records have been proactive in changing with the times in the world of music. We have the best distribution obtainable on the planet through Sony and Universal. We have developed our own radio software for digital delivery to thousands of radio stations all over the world. We have our own in house publicist with a proven 30-year track record. We can get your music heard. But it is now up to the Indie artist to bear those costs associated with publicity and promotion. Industry experts agree:

MediaShift’s Jason Feinberg writes, “The bank is broken, and until investing in an artist’s career is proven to be a profitable endeavor, it will be difficult for any artist to find a benefactor to fund the labor necessary to push an artist beyond their sphere of friends and into a larger network.”

Steve Guttenberg of CNET says, “The big labels are signing fewer and fewer new bands, and I’m predicting that by 2012 they’ll exist just to license their back catalogs. There will just be a smattering of small to midsize Indie labels; established artists will roll their own and self-promote their music.”

All About Jazz’s B.J. Jansen poetically states, “We all realize that the traditional record label model is as obsolete as a typewriter.”

Whether we like it or not, the days of a record label offering to pay for an Indie artist’s development and promotion are over, but please don’t take our word for it, we have done our research – we encourage you – the artist- to do yours as well.

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