Musik Radio Promotions now offers it own proprietary radio delivery web platform, delivering high quality, radio-ready files directly to DJs & PD and giving the artist full airplay reporting instantly.

So you’ve recorded a hit song. Now what? Give five copies to all your friends?

Radio promotion used to be complex. Radio promoters had certain genres and geographical regions they worked within. These promoters over the years developed relationships with the DJ’s and Program Directors. They neatly packaged the artist’s music and mailed copies to the radio stations. Generally the promoters had approximately 200 stations in any genre with which they dealt.

Promotion was costly. If artists wanted world exposure they had to hire numerous promoters who each dealt with a specific region. The cost of reaching the radio stations within the world was staggering.

The digital age has changed all that. It has also changed the delivery method of delivering the artist’s music to radio stations. Most radio stations now accept digital delivery of Digital Press Kits (DPK’s) . DPK’s include the artist’s promo picture along with a bio, links, and tracks.

There are several digital delivery radio promotional services out there. One major digital deliverer of music sends out groups of twenty artists to send one digital blast to radio. Others are “pay to play.”

Musik and Film promotions decided there has to be a better way. We looked at all the available delivery services in the world. Every one of them utilized their own radio lists for mass delivery. We were determined to discover how to utilize today’s technology and deliver the same personalization of music and artist delivery to world radio as in days past.

Musik and Film’s Web Designer, Seth Fuller, started working on Musik and Film’s own software delivery system. Our team at Musik and Film, including Stephen Wrench, President, and Terry Nails, A&R, started assembling their old radio contacts from their days on tour. We also started making radio calls and developing new contacts around the globe in every genre of music.

We are very proud of our new personalized radio delivery. Musik Radio Promotions now has a radio database of 12,500 radio stations and growing.

The best part – the artist is in control. The artist picks their own market and knows what they are getting. We furnish the station list and the artist can target by station genres, regions, or the entire world. We are using new technology but utilizing the personalization with same day statistics reporting, graphics, single-song personalized promotions, and there are no multiple-artist “E-blasts.”

You want what we all want: a hit song and downloads for sales. The only way to get that is through FM, AM, and internet radio plays. The only way to get that in any volume is via massive promotion. That used to be very expensive and simply unavailable to most people. No more.

So you’ve recorded a hit song – Now what? That answer just became a whole lot clearer with the personalized radio promotion plans available at Musik Radio Promotions.

We accept only the best talent, so to audition for your own personalized radio promotions plan, please visit :

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