By Milliea Taylor McKinney

In the ever changing world of merry-go-round ups and downs in the music industry, you will often find many artists living in the world of yesteryear. These are known in the industry as the wannabes that “never are,” because they fail to accept the fact music and the industry has changed.

Hello, I am Milliea Taylor McKinney, professional award-winning songwriter and music professional entrepreneur. Having been in the industry for many years, I have seen and worked directly with successful Grammy, Multi-Platinum labeled artists. I have also worked with professional award-winning promoters, tour managers, and CEOs of record labels who have struggled with the most important aspect of the music industry – staying fresh, current, in demand, and in the news.

Serving in every facet of the industry, I am here to personally tell you the facts about music and what to expect while you journey on the ride of your life, IF you have what it takes to be among the true professionals in the music industry.

Filtering your every move and keeping your fans well informed is a vital part of solidifying your foundation as you build a career and a stage on which to perform.

Musik and Film recognizes the needs of artists and are here to lend their experience, knowledge, and guidance as many of us have traveled and learned from the best in the industry.  So you the artist can stay ahead of the music industry and be more than prepared when and should you get that 15 minutes of fame.

When the curtains rise and you stand on the stage, you have less than two minutes to grab your audience and win them over. In reality you have even less time to impress someone in the industry that may have the ability to open a door for your career.

You get very few chances, if any, in this industry, so make them count!

No longer will you find record labels that give you the red carpet treatment, pick up your tab, and fulfill your every desire in order to acquire your signature on a record contract. Those days are long gone. If you are a serious artist that believes in your talent then you must invest in yourself and in your career – not much different than going to college for a degree to secure your future.

Today you must secure your future in the music business by investing in the necessities for success in the industry that will build your reputation and increase exposure. You will undoubtedly need to show off your talent to reap the rewards of fame, fortune, and accomplishment.

The music industry is very competitive and takes no favorites – only the very best. Success is evident in a popular artist with a large fanbase and high ticket sales. If you can accomplish this, you will reap the rewards of music opportunity.

So you want to be a rock star, but do you have what it takes? And are you willing to pay the price?

If your answer is “yes” then get pumped. And get ready to make music that not only sounds good but sells even better. In doing so you will find that you are more likely to be received by those in the industry, and you will be taken more seriously by those that truly matter and can make a difference in determining your success. If you have the essential resources in promoting your name and your artistry, you can achieve your goals.

So put on your seat belt and get ready for the ride of a lifetime where bright lights, music, and fast-paced adventure opens the door to opportunity and experience as you live, learn, and experience music in the fast lane.

Not everyone has what it takes. But know this: There are many extremely gifted and talented artists out there, but talent is only half the climb. The other half results from your investment in yourself and your goals.

The Indie artist today can  know that  the staff at Musik and Film are more than prepared and willing to help you achieve the recognition you deserve in being the next rising star.


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