Just as certain chameleons have the ability to change colors at the drop of a hat, so too can J.J. Crowne aka “The Eclectic One.”  J.J.’s array of colors comes in the form of musical notes, and this artist has a deep and interesting history.  Originally from Jersey and later moving to South Florida at 15, Crowne started writing songs at 11, picked up piano/keyboards at 16 and learned how to play guitar at just 9 years old.  The music bug had taken hold of J.J. at a very young age and this self-taught musician hasn’t looked back since!

Listen: http://jjcrowne.com/wordpress/music/

J.J. later attended Oberlin Music Conservatory, where he learned about formal musical composition and arranging for the first time, and the musical chameleon was definitely taking shape.  Besides playing in nightclub cover bands for five years and then signing his first record deal at 22, radio enters the picture in a BIG way.  In the late ‘70s J.J. turned his sights to commercial jingles for various stations and ad agencies in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.  He actually became quite well-known for it, which led him down the road of writing and recording music for films, TV shows and theatrical productions throughout the late ‘70s into the ‘80s &‘90s.  Crowne even landed a deal with Fox TV back in 1992 where he came up with the background music behind an episode of “America’s Most Wanted.”   J.J. also got involved with PBS TV as well as Univision’s “Yo Quiero Ser Estrella” show, along with doing many voice-overs for television, radio programs and even a few documentary films.  Having won “Addy Awards” for two of his commercials and then becoming an ASCAP Full Writer Member, J.J. seemed to be on top or maybe not?  Just as a crown is worn by a king, this Crowne wasn’t fully satisfied and a little frustrated with the “lack of real success in the music biz” so he became an attorney for the indigent.  I mean, why not? This guy’s a chameleon after all with no desire to stay the same, and all the while laughing in the face of that stale, same-old, same-old fellow from around the way.  Constant change and ever evolving is what J.J. Crowne is all about.  In the realm of being a perfectionist, a Crowne is to be worn properly and so J.J. must wear it right.

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