Brett Cohen released a you tube video last week that has gone viral and is slated to make the round ot talk shows this week. Brett Cohen is also a very talented musician.

PONTE VEDRA, FL, August 28, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — Who is Brett Cohen?

Brett Cohen is also a musician and a songwriter with a new release, I Just Want to Get You Home.

Who is Brett Cohen? A fellow by the name of Brett Cohen released a YouTube video that has gone viral. Since the release of the video, Brett has appeared on Good Morning America and is slated to appear on many more talk shows this week.

Did you know Brett Cohen is a very talented musician? Brett writes, sings,and performs.

Normal guy, Brett Cohen punked a bunch of Times Square tourists recently when he hired a crew of cameramen, bodyguards and assistants to follow him around 42nd Street and pretended to be someone special. It worked! People thought he was famous and tried to get his autograph or have him pose for a picture. Brett dressed up like a typical celebrity and was accompanied by an entourage of two professional bodyguards, two assistants, and photographers pretending to be paparazzi. While the assistants and photographers waited for Brett to exit the 49th street marquee at NBC Studios, they started a buzz that a big star was about to walk out, thus making it worth their while to wait and get a picture. Many asked the crew whom Brett was and no answer was given. They were forced to either make something up, or just take a picture with him in hopes that their Facebook friends or Twitter followers might have a better idea.

How many Brett Cohens are there in the US alone? Many, for sure.

Now, the real question: Who is this Brett Cohen and is this the same Brett Cohen who punked out the world last week? Watch and listen to I Just Want to Get You Home and you decide. Is this the same Brett Cohen and is he a real ladies man that just want to get you home?

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