S3 EP47

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🇨🇴 Monsieur JOB – Pica Pica
🇨🇴 Monsieur Job ft. No Mercy & Vojke Djans – Nina Shake Your Body
🇷🇸 Retrovizor– My Celestial Friends
🇮🇹 HANIA spirito Guerriero – Angeli in Vestito Nero
🇸🇪 SpringCity – Back On Our Streets
🇷🇺 ALYA- Puppet Strings
🇮🇹 Bionic visions – The Plastic Life
🇺🇸 gloryBots – Dream About Nothing
🇮🇹 Carmine Iembo Songwriter – Un Bagaglio
10 🇺🇸 The Refusers – Disobey

Musik and Film Records and Musik Radio Promotions in collaboration with MEI, AudioCoop, European Indie Music Network Ltd and Vittek Records present the top 20 of The Euro Indie Music Chart. It is revered as the Indie Music ranking better heard and loved in Europe The chart is broadcast in over 60 countries worldwide. The ranking is drawn up on the basis of its affiliated radio broadcasts at the European Indie Music Network, voting by the collaborative entities and the voting of the public3

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