All independent artists need to be promoted by professionals. What I like about Musik & Film, is that they provide tangible results of their effort in promoting your music”. Hope to work with you again in the future and hopefully to meet in person one day. Mark Loren

Mark Loren’s version of  Cola For Children, a breakthrough remix of the most loved dance records of all times, a worldwide hit. Mark Loren once again teamed up with Musik Radio Promotions to present Cola For Children to worldwide airplay.

None other than F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said that there was no second act in American lives. It would seem, however, that there is a third act in the world of dance and Mark Loren is to be found at its cutting edge. The “go to” term for what lies at the core of his sound is “Meta-Remixing” the art of remixing the remix of a song, exploring its sonic potential even further, taking it to new heights and into new musical territories.


Loren has already made a name for himself working with almost every dance and pop act that matters from Beyonce to the Black Eyed Peas, from Lady Gaga to writing for artists such as Corona, famous for 90’s break out club anthem The Rhythm of The Night. Before returning to the cutting edge of making and evolving dance music he worked in management and artist liaison for a whole host of dance, pop and rock acts. So it is safe to say that not only does he know how to write or remix a tune, he also understands what the market is looking for and how to get his music to the right people.

Cola For Children is the perfect example of what he does best and, as the name suggests, is a mashup of one of the most loved dance records of all time Children by Robert Miles combined with a current house break through anthem Cola by Camelphat and Elderbrook. This isn’t simple, it is direct, it is more than just re- ploughing familiar musical furrows, it is taking the tried and tested, the proven musical motifs and reshaping and evolving those ideas, and any familiar sonic threads running through it is balanced by a freshness and modernity that keeps the song at the cutting edge of dance floor culture for a while to come.

Mark Loren has stumbled upon the next chapter of dance remixing. There may be little new under the sun, there may be only so many ways to rearrange the musical building blocks but Mark Loren adds an extra dimension, extra depth, extra texture and a heady flow of new elements and unexpected additions. It seems so simple that you might be surprised that no-one has stumbled upon this idea before. Then again, we aren’t all Mark Loren.