Canada’s Marc White on Top 10 Euro Indie Music Chart. Marc finds his “sweet spot” with Rise and worldwide campaign with Musik Radio Promotions.

It’s all very well, being a master of one musical genre, but the best and most original music is created by artists who have a wider set of musical skills, a deeper understanding of how music works and a broader musical scope. This doesn’t make such people jacks of all trades, far from it, it makes them well-rounded multi-discipline creatives. Marc White is just such a person.

After years of finding his feet, playing saxophone in the school orchestra, trying to get to grips with electric guitar and all the other usual learning curves he gravitated towards the singer-songwriter musical weapon of choice, the acoustic guitar. He honed his skills in cover bands but as available musicians became harder to find, he gravitated to a solo writing career.

Recording was always something which he was never fully comfortable with, but that all changed when he met Jeff Grenier, who became his producer and the result was his debut album, Parallel Lives.

Lead single Rise is a great calling card for that album and sits at a musical sweet spot. Sweet spot because it seems to exist at that wonderful point where the accessible meets the discerning, where rock muscle meets pop addiction, where passion is tempered by melody, familiarity is balanced by inventiveness. Rock music devoid of the usual cliché, pop music with a new set of teeth. That’s a lot to encapsulate in just one single, imagine what wonders a whole album of such a unique approach might contain.

More than anything Marc’s story shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, it isn’t a case of having a natural talent for music or not, it is a case of dedication and perseverance, setting your sights on a goal and working your way towards realizing your dream.