It’s been an exciting time for MAF Radio Promotions working with AV Super Sunshine and crew.  We are pleased to be a part of the ride and share his story.

“Wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t wait to here how you pulled this off. So much thanks don’t know how to say it loud enough!”
Sincerely AV

Hey, AV Super Sunshine here.  Besides launching this latest single we’re also making a movie and couldn’t spare budget for a PR writer.  Please allow me to personally fill you in on our latest drop, the Candyland mixes.  Some folks say that doing multiple mixes of the same song may be self indulgent.  However, as an independent artist who enjoys all types of music, it’s important for me to spend the extra time and money writing and recording songs that can work in multiple genres so that the message can be shared by a greater number of people.  I wrote Candyland to connect with people not conform to standards.

Candyland is about trying to get off the meds, something I know about.  See, a few years back I got that PTSD thing and the shrinks thought meds could help curb my spikes in mood.  However, I wanted off because I kept having these freaky thoughts, dreams and experiences.  I ended up going cold turkey which was really hard.  That’s when i got the inspiration for the Candyland project. It also gave me something to do as I got the meds out of my system.  The song is the title track of a full band Candyland CD which will come out next year.  As a teaser, a remix CD entitled “Candyland Remixes vol. 1”was recently released.

The best way to explain the song “Candyland”is to compare it to the children’s similarly titled “Candy Land”board game. “Candy Land” is a simple racing board game that requires no reading and minimal counting skills.  Due to the design of the game, there is no strategy involved.  Players are never required to make choices, just follow directions.  A “winner” is predetermined only by the shuffle of the cards.  That’s what being on some antidepressants feels like.  That’s what it felt like to me and why i went cold turkey and wrote the song.  I don’t recommend going cold turkey to anyone, but maybe with the help of a professional, another human like me, could get weened off their drug.  At very least, I hope this song and message can help someone, somewhere get better.

Thank you so much for your support. 


AV Super Sunshine

Rock Mix Credits:  AV Super Sunshine (lead vocal/guitar), Michael Bradford (bass), James House (guitars/vocals), Brad Pemberton (drums), Andrew Higley (B3 w/leslie), Kim Flemming and Kim Mont (vocals).  It was produced by James House and recorded and mixed by Joe Costa at Ben Folds RCA Victor Studio A, Nashville.

Radio Mix Credits:  AV Super Sunshine (lead vocal), Michael Bradford (bass/guitar/moog/vocals), James House (vocals), Andrew Higley (B3 w/leslie), Kim Flemming and Kim Mont (vocals).  It was produced, engineered and mixed by Michael Bradford at Chunky Style Music, Los Angeles.