Musik Radio Promotions is proud to present this delightful song to the world! Currently charting and gaining fans globally ,  #2020 by Avni Vir Vineet.

“MAF truly understands the soul of global artists and this helps stephen and the team focus on the songs they promote, wholeheartedly! They work their magic across genres of music and their excellent relationship with radio stations worldwide is the real booster a song needs. We wait with baited breath to conquer newer highs with our song ‘Twenty-Twenty’ with MAF”… Avni, Vir & Vineet’ 

‘Avni Vir Vineet’ (A.V.V. for short) are a family band based in Delhi, India. Avni & Vir are 13 year old twins and Vineet is their father.  Avni & Vir study in the 8th grade and Vineet is a media professional guiding his children in their quest to create global quality music.

The song #2020 is about the year ’20-20’ and how we, as the human race, can do plenty to come together and keep the planet happy. The song has a pop reggaeton vibe and is cheerful & peppy.

The song was made as a fun reminder for that new year resolution and when you do make that resolution pls remember :  Happy Planet – Happy people

The band creates originals in english in the Pop Genre. They produce their own songs & videos. The video this song 2020 was entirely shot on an iphone 11 pro. 

The song is available on all the major digital platforms from Dec 1, 2019 and the video has got over 200,000 views on Facebook and Youtube in a week of upload.