Musik Radio Promotions introduce Haley Brooke’s single, ‘One of These Days” to worldwide radio. The song hit top 10 on DRT and continues to chart.

There seems to be more and more pop music than ever being made these days.It is pop music looking for a future, pop music trying to re-invent itself, pop music fusing with other genres, other styles to find where the next part of the journey takes it. But you could argue that pop music in its broadest sense of the term, has already done all of the hard work and instead of trying to build new futures is better served by artists remembering what was so good about the past.

In a way that is exactly what Hayley Brooke does with One of These Days. For whilst it is a contemporary song, one very much based in the here and now, it is also reminiscent of any number of classic soul artists of yesteryear and the result is sleek and slinky pop-soul song bristling with both nostalgia and modernity.

Already working with the great and good of the music industry and having recorded everywhere from Los Angeles to Stockholm and new sessions currently taking place in Nashville, it is perhaps this wanderlust that has helped her develop this refreshingly new yet reassuringly familiar sound.

This is music as watercolour painting, music which sketches the basic lines and then proceeds to add only the gentlest, most translucent and sparsest of musical hues, the space and the suggestion allowing the listener to see, or in this case, hear the whole picture. And the whole picture is one of space and restraint, understatement and grace and that is something that pop music is in much need off in today’s musical climate.