Italian band, Illacrimo, releases “With Ones Own Eyes” with Musik and Films Radio Promotions.  The band has since  had 3 songs in the Euro Indie Music Chart between January and May 2016, one of these in the TOP 20.

” It’s been an honour of sitting on Musik and Film’s working group, a beautiful dream for a band like us. I have a lot of feelings in my heart at the moment…life is strange and beautiful at the same time, my father, Janos Acs, conducted Aretha Franklin at the Grammy 1998,and he was the Conductor of Luciano Pavarotti”, states  Davide-Kristof Acs from iLLacrimo.

Illacrimo reviews have been positive:

Larry Toering  of Ventsmagazine quotes “After a long way full of different experiences, two young brains meet again,in a moor between fog and melancholy near Milano. Davide-Kristof (son of Janos Acs, an important Conductor) and Federica Sara raise a project of European sounds, shuffle with the traditional Italian melody. “This is an outstanding work to their credit and only suffers from not enough songs amongst all there is to be said, besides the consensus being this is one killer band.

“A debut featured by charisma and personality”. Rock Hard

“A convincing debut that makes iLLacrimo a reality worth to be followed”.All Music Italia

“iLLacrimo display a drive being seen less and less amond unsigned and indie bands.This group is hungry”.Jammerzine

“This Ep changes the rules for female voiced gothic music”.  Rock Hard Italia