We are asked all the time “How do I know my song is getting played” and how many times did they spin it”, with a campaign through Musik Radio Promotions.

We have been promoting artists globally and know that if the station downloads your music you are being played. We have years of data to back this up.  We have literally had artists show up on playlists and charts 2 years after we have sent out a radio campaign.

There are  several companies around the world that track actual spins. Most companies zero in on the United States market and only track the commercial media base stations. Every one of these charge a fee.

The tracking companies track from 200 to 6,000 stations. Digital Radio Tracker  boasts that they monitor 6,000 stations. This is the most stations anyone monitors that we know of. There are literally hundreds of radio trackers that monitor a few hundred stations. The cost for hiring all these spin trackers would be enormous and it still would not cover but a fraction of the 250,000+ stations we cover with the global campaigns at Musik Radio Promotions.

You can choose a radio promotion company that goes to a small amount of stations (usually 200-400 stations) that will monitor all spins and give you spin reports. But they usually charge between $3,000 to $15,000 to do so. Musik Radio Promotions sends your music to over 250,000 stations in 180 countries. The only way to track the spins would be to contact every station that downloads your music and ask them for airplay charts.  Stations often do test spins for weeks and or months before they decide to add a track to their playlist. This would be a monumental task. We would have to increase our promotion price at least 20 fold to do so.

For a fee, we can contact every station that is playing your music and speak to that station to inquire if they would like a radio liner, radio interview and like some promo give away cds. Full reporting will be given to artist.

Once we contact the stations that have downloaded you the response rate from them has been close to 100% . All our stations have been very receptive to receiving radio liners , interviews and promo give away cds.  This is also something you can do for yourself.

Releasing one song to radio promotion is only the beginning.  It takes alot of hard work, dedication, and an artist willing to invest in themselves to climb that ladder of success.

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