Gloria Loring, “The Best of Me”, promoted worldwide by Musik Radio Promotions. Now charting on Euro Indie and #1 on Worldwide Indie Music Charts.

Renaissance woman and multi-talented artist Gloria Loring delivers a heavenly embrace upon the release of her new EP titled The Best of Me. Gloria’s influence in the music world has been felt by millions as she is co-composer of television theme songs for Diff’rent Strokes and Facts Of Life. She is popularly known for her number #1 hit Friends and Lovers and a noted actress, often adored for her role as “Liz Chandler” on Days of Our Lives.

The Best of Me” is a glorious effort that is comprised of four soulful tracks. Gloria Loring has a thunderous voice that is beautifully draped in angelic overtones. Her charisma and sincerity is the moving force behind The Best of Me. Produced by Ted Perlman, each track on the project opens the door to a new dimension of sonic practically and revelations into our personal experience, which is what makes Best of Me a musical work for the ages.


The EP opens with its title track, Best of Me. The song has an intrinsic groove with a great musical terrain. Best of Me’s profoundness is led by vibrant arrangements and sharp drumming. The tune’s cheerful pulse is exuberant and sets the stage for Gloria Loring’s tantalizing lullaby that’s all about putting our best foot forwards. Best of Me is truly an uplifting experience that is real and spiritual.

Gloria Loring celebrates the beauty of the choices we make in life with “Love Is Still The Answer”. Herein we find a beautiful ballad that Gloria Loring takes into her arms of voice with intense passion and creates something that is able to walk along the trail of what got us where we are at today. Musically, the song is an acoustic ballad that is led by classical guitar and earthy percussive sounds. Love Is Still The Answer is how every question should end.

“Rise” was originally written for the BraveHeart Women organization and carries a gospel aesthetic within its R&B landscape. The track has an upbeat tempo and bright vibe that is complemented by keyboards, piano, and distinct riffs of rhythm guitar. Gloria Loring leads this warm melody in choir like fashion. Rise evolves into an anthem of inspiration and hope.

Written by Bruce Hornsby, “Swansong” adds much to the depth of The Best of Me while concluding this epic EP. The song has an innovative vibe that borders the land of exotic rhythms and is truly transcendent as it embarks upon the theme of a broken promises and romance. Gloria Loring broadcasts many of her reflective moments through this utopic jewel, a song from Hornsby’s  1998 album Spirit Trail. Swansong affords Gloria Loring the opportunity to conclude the EP with compassion and instill in her listeners a desire to more from her highness.

Gloria Loring presents no disappointments in this gifted work.The  Best of Me is a masterpiece from beginning to end. It is an all-encompassing journey that is healing and an oasis of self-renewal. Best of Me comes to us from a place of wisdom and talen