Canadian born singer songwriter Shimmer Johnson with her debut album Inner Me. An amazing new adult contemporary pop rock  album. Self-Produced at Catalyst Production Studios in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Inspirational, catchy, addictive songs that display human emotion at a level that no one else has ever done! Amazing messages within the songs that people are really connecting to. The songs are easy to sing along to. Shimmer’s voice is full of tone and timbre making her so unique. Listeners tend to keep Shimmer Johnson on repeat! The 1st single Priceless is already getting some major attention from Billboard. It is also being played world wide on over 250, 000 Radio stations.  Shimmer’s new re-imagined version of the 1988  Billboard Hit : Toy Soldiers is an amazing rendition of the 80’s hit. This is a very exciting & inspirational album. Masterpiece to be the 2nd single off the “Inner Me” Album. It’s a happy inspirational song about being yourself and creating your own masterpiece in life.

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