This song is very esoteric from the covers image to the song itself. The actual cover is “The Hook” to the song which is the reason why the song is called “No Hook”. For those who know what the Crook and Flail is that’s represented on the K of the two names adds to the punchline. Not only is the song deep once people realize that the song is mostly created out of other song titles and band names that will blow there minds. That’s the reason the flail is on the end of the K to “No Hook” representing a weapon to strike and the K to “The Hook” has a Crook representing the staff of a shepherd. It’s my attempt to cross genres at the same time keeping it hip-hop, and for the listeners to perceive the obvious. He knows what he’s talking about.

Urban - Hip Hop


Mayne is a spiritually focused artist speaking to the emotions and psyche rather than the “ego” which helps in crafting his songs to hopefully speak to the soul and raise up the consciousness or at least awareness. Mayne is a open to a lot of different genres of music and has come to a realization that all forms of music has an energy that’s connected negative or positive. Mayne is original and consider his music a new wave, and thrives off trying to bring back an element within hip-hop that’s rarely heard today, guidance through music and to help another individual to overcome and break through obstacles that leave most in depressed states. He believes his music is necessary and is what the people have been unknowingly waiting for, and if it’s not his music to shuffle in this new age it is the energy that’s growing and waiting to be heard. It’s all spiritual.

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