Ajay Mathur’s 3rd release with Musik Radio Promotions, ‘Forget About Yesterday‘ from ‘Little Boat’ has been gaining early Spotify support and added to these hot playlists:    Added to ‘Top Shelf Indie’ Playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/johnnyfevur/playlist/2R2cKxKfqMQnNanI6jX4Fu?si=JYkAGZuxTHaAd9jcTjPeow

Added to ‘World Music Up’ playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/edmup/playlist/22XVeNlLoY22UwHi7MizjR

Added to ‘Spotify Breakout Artists’ playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/1211257576/playlist/07Ht0OHvLAX2sgFs4sVtWS

Forget About Yesterday, from his latest album Little Boat, is just the latest in his long run of musical gene splicing with the albums  ‘A Matter of Time’ (2011), ‘Come See Conquer’ (2013) and the highly successful ‘9 to 3’ (2015)  all receiving favorable critical reviews and the latter a Grammy nomination in 2016.

“As the songs from my album ‘9 to 3’continue to rank high up in multiple national airplay charts for over thirty weeks, peaking at #1. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Stephen Wrench and his excellent team at M&F for a professional and successful radio promotion. Working with M&F team has been a delightful experience. Stephen is a seasoned professional who continues to advise me really well, both on tactical approach for a successful radio promotion and on the choice of the right song to maximize airplay. VENTS Magazine asked me in a recent interview if I had “any advice for musicians looking to enter into the industry or make an album?” (http://ventsmagazine.com/2015/12/18/interview-ajay-marthur/) My answer: “Collaborate with industry professionals”. . Ajay

If music is seen as a personal expression of life’s journey, then it comes as no surprise that someone who was born in India and now resides in Switzerland and now forging a new approach to Americana, is going to make music which is more than a little original. Unique is a word used far too often but it is safe to say that Ajay Mathur’s musical vision is totally unique. It almost gets to a point where it would be easier to say what sounds and styles he doesn’t blend into his heady musical mixes and what genre you put him into depends largely on which musical strand you pull on first.

One strand of this rich creative tapestry might reveal traditional Indian beats or bluesy alt-country vibes, another muscular rock guitars or wailing harmonica. You might find pop infectiousness, a hazy psychedelic shimmer or a funky groove and you are only just getting to the wonderful scope his mercurial music covers. It defies not just genre but geography too coming on like a clash between eastern spice and western sass, orient meets occident, Bhangra meets Bo Diddley in a heady and heavenly musical broth.

To keep things moving along, to keep cultural creativity alive, music has to look forward, but it also has to know where it is coming from. What Ajay does so well is to take familiar musical building blocks from a wide sound palette, music which up until now has no business rubbing shoulders with each other, and blending them together to create something that keeps music exciting and original. Any given part of his songs may sound like something you have heard before but when put together in such new and  creative ways sounds like a totally new style of music. It looks like the future of music is in very safe hands indeed.

All we have to do now is find a name for it!

Ajay Mathur’s 3rd release with Musik Radio Promotions, ‘Forget About Yesterday‘ from ‘Little Boat’ continues to gain worldwide airplay and is already on the Top 10 Euro chart.