Adrianna  will spend Memorial Day weekend at the home of one of her childhood idols, when she performs at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, on May 25 and 26.

“Loretta Lynn has always been one of my favorites,” Freeman said. “I love the stories she tells in her songs, and she is one of a handful of female artists who influenced my own songwriting.”

The Ranch, which is Lynn’s home as well as a popular tourist attraction, includes shops, live entertainment and a museum dedicated to the singer’s career. Other artists are scheduled to perform there over the Memorial Day weekend, including Joe Nichols, Joey + Rorey, and Loretta Lynn herself. But for Freeman, one of the few African American female singers in country music, the opportunity is more personal than most, because of certain similarities between Lynn’s early life and her own.

“Loretta Lynn’s father was a coal miner who struggled to support his family in rural Kentucky; my dad was a sharecropper in the South,” Freeman said. “Ms. Lynn had a hard time getting radio stations to listen to her music, and so did I. I am not comparing my singing to hers; she will always be the Queen of Country Music. But she has been such an inspiration, the way she kept going when times were hard.”

Adrianna’s EP, “Either You Do or You Don’t”, promoted to world radio by Musik and Film’s promotional division, Musik Radio Promotions, is #3 on the Cashbox Music Charts.




Adrianna Freeman,rising country star, climbs the charts on Cashbox with promotions by Musik Radio