Kally O’Mally releases Country/Bluegrass single, A Love Like This, with Musik Radio Promotions for global airplay.

Few powerhouse talents are capable of taking a vision from inception all the way through to product and Kally O’Mally is one of them.  Collaborating with producer/co-writer, Stephen Wrench, Kally’s new CD “Land of the Willing”, proves this Florida girl has a vision that doesn’t quit.

With lyrics rooted in scenes of the deep south, Kally’s first single to be released “A Love Like This”, is a vision of dancing and fireflies floating in the sawgrass. There’s a “caller” and a band with folks having fun under the moonlight. Lights are strung up around an outdoor patio in the heart of a town where they still love to square dance, it’s what ties them together. You’ll find yourself wanting to take a turn into “A Love Like This”!

O’Mally hails from a Kentucky lineage that has generations of musical roots,  “I was enthralled by the music of my youth and far more interested in the stereo than the television.  My parents had a classic country and Southern Rock record collection that consisted of Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Anne Murray, Barbara Mandrell and others.”  That love of music laid the foundation of what’s clearly a longtime pursuit towards mastery and a willingness to push her own limits to bring her music to fruition.

O’Mally has a particular knack for combining styles and can move from writing a classic traditional sounding song like, Bourbon on my Deathbed to the more raucous and tongue in cheek, Wild West Medicine Show.

An admitted computer geek with a competitive side, she was inspired to jump into sound engineering so she could fully execute her musical vision.  Being a multi-instrumentalist makes it even easier for her.  O’Mally is at home and comfortable playing guitar, keyboard, bass, ukulele and a whole host of percussion instruments.

“Anything to get people grooving and dancing and having a good time, When I’ve accomplished that, I’m happy,” she says. Kally understands the “highs and the lows” that come with being an indie artist and has some kind advice, “Return to gratitude as frequently as possible. Gratitude expands the heart and opens possibilities whereas resentment, frustration and discontent block creative flow”.   Kally’s many listeners around the world are grateful to be part of her creative process.

O’Mally currently resides in Northern, California (Sacramento), where she performs live throughout the region.



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