Announced today was the collaborative partnership between Blame Records owner and singer-songwriter Brent Orndorff and Musik and Film. Orndorff’s vast accomplishments as a singer-songwriter/musician have earned him respect from within the music business and garnered him high profile insider relationships with some of the Recording Industry’s top players. Orndorff’s blues rock band The Blue News, along with a new indie rock band James The Lesser (JTL), have been gaining ground quickly in the very crowded world of Indie Music. President Stephen Wrench and the Musik and Film company roster have an impressive resume. Some of the most notable associations include; Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzie Osbourne, Red Jump Suit Apparatus, Tommy Tutone, Slash, Bad Company, ABBA, Motorhead and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Stephen Wrench, President of Musik and Film said of his decision to sign the two bands, ”These bands represent the quality of artists that we are interested in working with promoting and getting their music heard. We are delighted to have these two exceptional groups as part of our stable of talent!” It’s clear that Orndorff shares Wrench’s enthusiasm and kind regard and speaking of their new partnership, Orndorff says, “We were really fortunate to have Stephen become a fan of our music. It all started when Stephen liked some music we posted online and things developed over a couple of years. Finally, the planets aligned and it became obvious that we should work together. After getting to know Stephen, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll find in the music business and that’s rare.”

Musik and Film has been cited as one of the top Indie Labels in the United States. Musik and Film’s digital distribution is the best in the business; facilitated through their highly coveted relationship with Sony Records and The Orchard. The Orchard is a pioneering music and video distribution company operating in more than 20 global markets. With industry-leading technology and operations, The Orchard amplifies an artists reach and revenue across hundreds of digital and mobile outlets around the world, as well as physical retailers in North America and Europe.

This deal marks a considerable step forward for the future of both bands and this partnership will be key to their continued success. Musik and Film will be promoting both The Blue News and James The Lesser to over 12500+ radio stations in 60 countries for airplay. This kind of global exposure will introduce Orndorff and his bands’ music to audiences unreachable until now.

In addition to the label deal, exciting upcoming events for both The Blue News and James The Lesser include a new series of live streaming video webcasts starting on November 9, 2012. The webcasts featuring Q&A sessions and live music performances will allow fans, new and old, to experience the music in new ways and increase the bands growing fan base. Orndorff said of his vision and hopes for the immediate future of both bands, “I don’t want to give too much away but we’ve been talking about a lot of cool possibilities and new ways to interact with our fans. We’re still hammering out what our next steps should be, but a lot of what the future holds will be up to the fans. With this new collaboration the music will definitely get new levels of exposure.”

To learn more about the bands The Blue News and James the Lesser visit: and

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