In 1966 the Lovin’ Spoonfull brought us a great chart entry with a song called ‘Nashville Cats’.

One of the lines in the song related ‘There are Thirteen Hundred and Fifty Two Pickers in Nashville’…. years on of course there are many more all wanting a step on the fame ladder.

Many never make it and just add to that Nashville pickers list.

Others are told “No you’re not right for country music”, “There’s no way we can put money behind an artist with unproven ‘marketing strategy’”, and “Country audiences won’t buy a black female country album”.

These were some of the thoughts and words of record company moguls when Adrianna Freeman was pitching her musical career.

She is now about to prove them wrong as under the direction and production talents of Teddy Gentry from the award winning Alabama group she has just produced her first album.

It is sheer class from the opening track ‘I Will Not Be Your Tennessee’ (released as the first single from the album) through to the fading refrain of ‘There’s Gonna Be A Rainbow’.

The last track could be a fitting omen for Adrianna as the album contains an eclectic mix of light and shade of mid tempo and gentle songs which shows off her vocal range and quality, sometimes , smokey and gentle, but always meaningfull and believable.

Production is brilliant, complimented by great musicianship throughout with a across the board song selection.

Diversity of music is perhaps to the fore with ‘The Price’ featuring Duck 13 who offers a rap injection.

If you fancy being one of the first in years to come, to be able to say you bought her very first album, then treat yourself to a future country star in the making.

Her debut album is released on the Musik and Film record label ( and is available from this week on her own site

Apparently her grandfather had dreamed of being a country artist as had her father Ed, the dream has now been passed on to Adrianna and I think it’s about to come true.

She’s one less picker to be counted in Nashville if ever the Lovin’ Spoonfull re-record their song.

Join me from Saturday on the American Connection Show on for a taster as I’ll be playing three tracks as she features in our Album Of The Week spot.


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