Lets face it, a million streams may net you $800 USD at best depending on the platform. Live performances are the most lucrative way for a musician to make money. In your hometown there are only so many places you can perform and your income is limited. So you want to tour. Why would a venue hundreds or thousands of miles from your hometown want to book you when no one knows who you are? Say you’re from the US and want to tour Europe. If you’re being played on the radio, in say, Cambridge UK or Antwerp Belgium you are a star there and in demand. Here is what you need to do to plan a successful high paying tour.

Get your song out to the world on radio . Use your airplay reports and using google, search every venue within listening ranges of the stations you are being played on. Create a excel sheet of contacts. Then contact those venues with in listening range and tell them you are being played on WXYZ radio in “What” :city they are in. Then the venue has interest in booking you. 

Radio makes their money on advertising. Call the radio station or stations you are being played on and ask for sales department. Ask them about their advertising venues and tell them you want to tour there and you are being played on their station. In most cases they are happy to make a 3 way call to the venue and tell them you are being played on their station and want to perform at their venue. The venue hires you, radio gets the advertising. Radio and you as the artist wins. If radio is advertising your upcoming performance you will get more airplay and exposure. Plus a full house to perform to and sell your merchandise. Everyone wins. 

Build your route so to speak. Acquire your main venues and then build your touring base. You can expand out geographically from there with more venues. You now have created a route. Do a great show and you can go back a few times a year. Pick up enough venues and you can do a 60 or 90 day tour. Now you are a successful touring musician.

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