Vernon Little’s fresh and funky hip-hop release, “The Chance to Tell You”, charts on DRT plugged by  Musik Radio Promotions.

Hip-Hop may have grown from a street corner, Acappella, lyrical battleground, but like any musical genre, it has come a long way since that formative late seventies learning curve. It has evolved and explored along the way, given birth to a number of sub-genres and become part of the most lucrative end of the music industry.  But that isn’t to say that it has got comfortable with its lot and is happy to relax and revel in past glories. Anything but!

Vernon Little is perfect proof that even within the tight demarcation lines of what hip-hop is, there is plenty of room to explore interesting new musical avenues and the charm of his music lies in the fact that as much as he is following pathways that lead to interesting future potential, he is also reminding us that hip-hop, rap and the whole urban scenes owes a debt of gratitude to a wealth of pop, soul and funk stalwarts.

Hardly a new kid on the block, Vernon Little has been making music under his own name since he went solo from Def Duo in 1989 but his music is as fresh and funky as anything else on the urban pop scene today. He tips his hat old school R&B and soulful pop, fills the song with funky grooves, a hip-hop style which owes as much to his 80’s roots as it does to today’s influences, and as a result, “The Chance to Tell You” pops, grooves and sparkles with a vibrancy that will put his rivals to shame.

With a new EP, Double Minded, just out, expect to hear his exciting and fluid tones everywhere you go. Fans of early hip-hop will love its authenticity, pop pickers will dig the infectiousness, R&B  aficionados will get hooked by its hypnotic rhythms and the uptown, clubland dance scene will have found their new favorite songs.


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