Musik Radio Promotions present Tom Proctor and The A-Listers debut single, “In Hollywood”, to the world.  Already charting on the DRT and Euro Music Chart.

No stranger to the stage and screen, one of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Tom Proctor released his singing/songwriting album debut entitled, “Working Man” worldwide on June 15th, 2018. Tom Proctor will do well because his music is honest, organic and accessible but also because of its generic make-up. It is the sound of dusty cowboy boots walking with a rock ’n’ roll swagger, the sound of a bar band being given a global platform, the sound of personal stories connecting with anyone and everyone. Working Man is in many ways a collection of contradictions but it is just such contradictions that rather than limiting its commercial appeal actually intensifies it.

Imagine if Bruce Springsteen had grown up bar hopping in the country  music hangouts and backstreet venues of Nashville or Austin instead of the R&B clubs and boardwalk music dives of the Jersey Shore. If you can then that you have a good starting point to explore the music of Tom Proctor. For country he certainly is but between the threads of cowboy culture and southern music traditions he weaves musical patterns gleaned from other genres, rock muscle, a smooth and soulful delivery and a heartland groove. The end result is a sound that is both anthemic yet accessible, universal yet relatable, a country sound that is destined for commercial success.

In Hollywood is the perfect introduction to his music and a fine calling card for the full length, debut album. Together with his band, Tom Proctor and The A-Listers,  “Working Man”, has delivered a brilliant amalgam of deft story-telling, sweeping drama, heart felt passion and a suite of poignant, personal and personable songs. And these are no daydreams and hopes conjured merely for the purpose of song, this is his life set to music. He’s been a stuntman, a horse trainer, has spent a lot of time in the ring and appeared in numerous films and TV shows. And all these experiences, the wit, the wisdom, the highs and the lows find their way into this music.


Review by: Dave Franklin

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