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Jerry Bogan single Let It Rain No. 1 National Top 80 independent Chart

February 17, 2016
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Jerry Bogan single Let It Rain is No. 1 on the DRT National Airplay Top 80 Independent Chart. Written by Jerry Bogan and Produced by Stephen Wrench, the first single to be released off the album has caught the attention of fans all over the globe with a campaign by Musik Radio Promotions.

Jerry took time to share some of his experiences over the years:

What has been your greatest opportunity in your career so far?  I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the greatest artist and producers in the world. And I thank God every day for letting me meet the world class producer, Stephen Wrench.

What do you think distinguishes a true music artist from an entertainer?  I think you really have to be both in this business. In the studio, it’s all about the music. On stage, it’s all about being an entertainer.

If you could make 1 change to the music industry, what would it be?  I would like to see radio go back to the days when the DJs made the choice of what gets played.

What do you want to always be remembered for?

A great songwriter.

Besides music, what are 3 of your favorite things?

You mean there is other things!

What made you want to pursue a career in music?

When I first heard Jim Croce on the radio, I knew I wanted to write songs. Singing and preforming just naturally followed.

Do you play any instruments?  Yes, Guitar and Bass.

​If so, how does being a musician help you as a songwriter? Sometimes I will write the music to a song, then later write the lyrics. Sometimes the other way, and sometimes write both at the same time. Having the flexibility to flow with where a song wants to go, is the advantage of being a musician.

What advice would you give a music artist who is just starting out? Hang with the best musicians you can find.

When did you realize that you wanted a career in music and what prompted that decision? My first paying gig was in 1979. We played five shows a day, six days a week and made a whopping $149 dollars a week. I was hooked, and hungry!

What are your goals and where do you want to take your music?  My goals are to be successful in a cross genre platform. I really don’t like labels being put on music and Artist being put in a box. The marketing gurus call a song country or rock or pop or whatever, but as long as the song is something you like, nothing else really matters.


Where do you see your artistry going in the next 5 years?

I’m focusing on my live show right now. Really going to mix it up. When you come out to the show, you just will never know what’s next.

What has been your best and your worst moment during your career so far?  I had the honor of producing Waylon’s last show. It was both great and sad because we all knew it was his last.

If you had the chance for the world to hear one song what would it be?  My next release of course!!!



Musik and Film Records is thrilled to be working with a seasoned artist such as Jerry, and help  cultivate his dreams.     The team at Musik and Film Records will be posting regular updates so please stay tuned!


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Musik Radio Promotions has recently released Seventh Tower homegrown in the USA!!

January 14, 2014
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Seventh Tower prove they can definitely hang with the big dogs on their debut release “Crown Me King” which is now available on iTunes as well as Spotify. Their second EP, “Path To Follow”(produced by Clint Lowery of Sevendust) is set to release April 15th 2014.

Seventh Tower is the perfect combination of energy and rock. This band has all the right stuff and has recently been picked up on the BBC radio network which broadcasts all over the UK!!!

“Musicians are usually able to identify and dissect their influences, and examine what it is that makes them tick. It takes a great musician to exercise these influences along with their own songwriting muscle. Seventh Tower does just that, releasing a debut EP that comfortably falls in line with the music veterans that inspired it.”

“With echoes of breaking Benjamin’s powerful melodies, Crossfade’s energetic guitar riffs, and Sevendust’s grit. Seventh Tower first strike proves that they can hang with the big kids. That’s immediately evident with “Crown Me King,” the album’s single and opener, and perhaps the strongest showcase. Vocals wear a rock edge while volleying between a soaring melody and gang vocals that leave a tasteful impact. Lyrics are sparked from his own experiences, focusing on the relatable plight of the every man’s struggle, but are laced with hope for ultimate applicability. Framed by fiery guitar licks, crafty bass lines, and steady drum work, this album is packaged for the center of you radio dial.”

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Musik and Film Records Announce Management Division

January 3, 2014
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Stephen Wrench, President, Musik and Film Records, announces the opening of a management division. Wrench, who has been involved in the music industry in most every capacity and once an executive with RCA records, understands the needs of the indie artist in the industry climate of today.

The Musik and Film Management Division is a platform for serious independent artists to make their mark throughout the world. With 40+ years in the industry, the Musik and Film team has the track record and the contacts to help you record and produce your music, get you worldwide airplay and promotion and tour the world.

A few of the artists the Musik and Film team has worked with include:

Ozzy Osbourne, Missing Persons, Hank Williams Jr., Lynyrd Skynryd, (Marilyn Manson)John 5 , Travis Tritt , Ian Ashbury and the Cult , Tommy Tutone , Axl Rose , Slash, Nikki Sixx (motley crue)

Musik and Film acts as a multi-faceted partner to its artists, identifying their creative and conceptual goals and cultivating the artist’s vision and raw talent to make them a viable musical entity.



TO APPLY: Send the links to current music along with a description of goals.

Contact email:

If accepted, the artist will receive an evaluation and a personalized plan of the steps involved to achieve your goals.




Tamika, ‘This Is Who I Am’, builds global fanbase with Musik and Film Promotions

June 4, 2013
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Super-talented, Tamika, has not let any grass grow under her feet since traveling to the USA to record her debut EP, ‘This Is Who I am” with the Musik and Film production team.

Since it’s debut to worldwide radio by Musik Radio Promotions, Tamika, has picked up thousands of stations all over the world consistently appearing on the Musik and Film Wall of Success.  Tamika is appearing on many charts around the world and even co-hosted radio programs.

Tamika and her ever faithful mum, Louise, traveled 10,000 miles around Aussie land in promotion of the EP.  She now has her first video, ‘Reason to Get Even’. which is in the Beat100.

Tamika also will be appearing soon on Australia’s Got Talent.

Watch out – Here comes Tamika!



Shane Kenny, Irish Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, at Home with Musik and Film

May 24, 2013
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Shane Kenny is a singer/songwriter from Wexford, Ireland who has finished work on his second album titled “8 miles out” which is a follow up to his 2009 release “Lost in the Madness of Crowds”. The album will be released in the coming months. “Rolls off your tongue” is the first single to be released under the Musik and Film label and is already receiving heavy airplay with promotions by Musik Radio with play on over 2,000 stations worldwide.

Shane spoke of the experience, “I’m Really excited to announce that i am working with Florida based record label Musik and Film and that the 1st single “Rolls off your tongue” from my new album “8 miles out” has been released to radio stations worldwide. Many thanks goes out to Stephen and Rhonda at Musik and Film for getting my music to the masses, Terry Nails  at Musik and Film Productions and to Mick Egan for recording and guidance and of course to Brendan Keane , Dave Duffy and Peter Tierney for playing on the track. Thanks to everyone for making this song what it is.”
Since releasing his debut album he has appeared as support to such artists as diverse as Mundy, Duke Special, Mick Flannery, Jerry Fish, Lazek, Southern Tenant Folk Union, Declan O Rourke, John Spillane, Cathy Davey,  and The Irish Tenors among others.

With Shane’s first single release, he is already establishing a world wide base and is on the Musik and Film’s Wall of Success.  Indeed, 2013 is set to be a very busy year ahead for Irishman, Shane Kenney.




California’s Country Singer/Songwriter, Amy Gass, goes global with Musik Radio Promotions

April 15, 2013
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Amy Gass is a serious artist, willing to work hard to make her dreams a reality.  Says Amy, “Every moment, good or bad, is another opportunity to reach out and connect with the audience.

Amy has taken a step further to make her dreams a reality, signing with Musik Radio to promote her music in 60 countries to over 50,000 stations worldwide.

Her latest CD album shows off Amy’s talent as an exceptional singer and song writer.  Eight out of the ten songs were co-written by Amy, and you will enjoy her style and sound in these heart felt songs.  You can almost taste the intensity of “Never Knew”, and hear the determination of will in the song, “Strong”.

Manuel De Haro, producer and owner of Acceso Productions says, “I have to say Amy’s voice and talent is one of the most unique I have heard, and her passion and dedication for music are always inspiring.  I am always blown away by her impressive voice”

A favorite on her my space page is the rockin’ “When Good Girls Love bad Boys”. Then the adolescent pureness of the song, “My Best Friend” takes you back to childhood and dreaming that anything is possible. The crown jewel of the album is the heart wrenching duet, “When We’re Cheating On Each Other”. It reminds one of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

  Amy  remarks, “Thanks to Stephen and his whole team, I am now being played in the UK, USA, Netherlands and all over Europe. I really appreciate Musik and Film’s support of my music and very impressed by the results I am getting now. For any artist who has been struggling with a dream and would love to be heard among the many, this is the right home for you. Again, thank you Stephen and your whole gang, I look forward to the future and the success to come!

Amy is now being played on over 3000 stations including the BBC Network, Australia, NZ, and Japan and is listed on the Musik Radio Wall of Success. 










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Hangin With Stogie – still hangin’ with Musik Radio Worldwide Promotions

April 3, 2013
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When Hangin With Stogie,  an all girl, country, pop band from Fredericksburg, Va, released an EP in April 2012, who would have dreamed a year later, they would  still be charting on radio worldwide. 

Musik Radio Promotions, a division of Musik and Film Inc, began a global radio campaign for airplay  in summer 2012. The band  is now on over 10,000 stations worldwide including the BBC network.

The idea for recording  ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’ , as a cross of “The Turtles meets Dylan”  came about by Stephen Wrench, President, Musik and Film. The single continues to  chart in many countries in Europe on the ECMA(European country music Assoc).


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