Wall of Success

Our promotions program has been a great success!  Just look what Musik and Radio Promotions is doing for our artists! The below station count includes syndicated stations and networks. This includes FM, AM, College and Internet airplay around the world

Adrianna Freeman, has charted in Europe’s top 100!   She is nearing the 11,000 station mark!

7 Horses “You know I’m Gonna Miss You” in the Americana and adult contemporary genre  is up to 541 stations.

Rock group Rone Kaos (Australia) are up to 438 station mark!  That’s almost double from last week!

Freddie Stone formerly of Sly and the Family Stone is out to Christian stations around the world 372  to be exact!

Blues artist RB Stone is up to 521 stations!

Country artists Hangin with Stogie have broken the 1000 station mark!

Singer/Songwriter KC Hurt  in his second week of promotion has exceeded 356 stations all over the world.

Jazz Legend Dave Appell & Friends  with 359 radio stations!

Blue grass award winning Fiddler Tim Smith is at 653 stations!

Sam McClain –  is playing on 367 stations.

JJ Crowne – Up to 676 stations worldwide!

Stephen Foster and Howler with 2200 radio stations!

World renowned Gwyn Ashton with at 367 stations.

UK Artist Amy Sinha with 347 stations!

Australian Pop Star Nicole Taylor playing 1280 stations!

Spearmint Fur with 331 stations.

Country Christmas single by Christina Reese with 426 stations.

Southern Rock group Cletus Romp with 363 stations.

Alternative Rock band The Carnival Kids playing on 321 stations.

Rock group Push with 376 stations.




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