The 26th November 2012 sees the release of the new CD from Never A Hero titled Bleed Between The Lies.

Alteria Motives Ezine got a hold of the new album, so what did we think?  Read on and you will see.

Read Between The Lines is a short track to start the album off.  It starts with elements of an 8-bit game then goes full into the metal mayhem we know of as Never A Hero.  If this is the start then I cannot wait for the rest of it? Burning Skies is the next offering, electronic sounds mixed with very catchy guitar riffs.  The bass is amazing and the drums thundering in parts.  The vocals are brutal and melodic at the same time.  The mix of electronic and metal in one is perfect.  Roses Are Dead hits you with hints of amazing British metal, this really is well thought out music.  This is nothing short of perfect and a delight on your ears.  This is proving to be the album that may define Never A Hero.  Usually on an album you may find a couple of really amazing tracks but I must say everything I have heard so far is epic.  The Call is yet another track that there are elements fused together to make that distinctive Never A Hero sound.  The Call starts mellow then goes into full on heavy metal while carrying  the melodic riffs and vocals.  All the way through this album so far you can hear the hard work Never A Hero have put in, but also they are really showing the quality musicians that they are.  I review a lot of albums, yes you find good and bad albums.  But Bleed Between The Lies is neither good nor bad, it surpasses good.  This album is a metal masterpiece which shows the sheer raw talent that Never A Hero has. Pianos and what is becoming quite a signature for Never A Hero, that stunning guitar work. Screams Of Silence is a track that will leave your head moving in time and also amazed at how good the track is.  I am often asked what is my favourite track on an album is and for this album I cannot honestly say.  Every track is a well-crafted metal masterpiece to which I am mightily impressed with.

OK so stop doing this now, you cannot possibly get better can you?  Um yes, Days Of Patience is just perfect.  It plays with your ear drums.  Days Of Patience is a lighter track and vocally and musically is just nothing non than perfect.  I LOVE THIS ALBUM.  Mellow with a LOAD of meaning that you can truly feel in the music.  This is amazing, it really takes accomplished
musicians to create something this beautiful and moving but that is exactly what Never A Hero are.  Vogue has a more urban metal feel to it in the vocals, but yet at the same it’s that catchy melodic brutal Never A Hero sound. Between is between the rest of the album and marks half way on this journey into a perfect world that has been created so far.  It again is very calm and so beautiful. Untouchable seems to rewind a bit of Between which then goes into a serene piano piece, then you get blasted into brutality before you know it.  I notice the amazing drum work here as well as the guitars.  In some aspects the vocals are a little cheeky.  Teeming with so many acoustic elements thrown into the metal boiling pot.  The female accompanying vocals Untouchable are both provocative and soft, they really provide the perfect accompaniment to Phrixus on this track.  Dreamcatcher is another track with the female vocals as a backing on this track.  Again this is a very well thought track.  There is no other way to describe the sound on this album as Never a
Hero, there is nothing like it I have ever heard.    Every track I am amazed but yet not surprised how good the tracks are.
Hollow starts with a great electronic start which breaks into sheers perfection personified in guitars, bass, drums, synths and vocals.
Sunbeam is really another one of those tracks that hits your ears and also your heart.  The words have meaning and the music is genius. Stalked, OK this is really not fair now.  How many times can I say amazing and perfect before you start to get bored, but there is nothing else I can say as that is what this album.  Every track is perfect in quality, I know now why Never A Hero were so excited about this album as it is sheer amazing.
Bleed Between The Lies is the title track and the crescendo of Never A Hero’s new album and it really does leave you wanting more.  What a stunning album this has been, oh my god.  I don’t believe that I have ever used amazing, perfect, melodic and brutal so many times in a review EVER.  If this album was a piece of art, which it is, it would hang in the Louvre alongside the Mona Lisa and live on long after the band are gone.  I have never heard an album like this and neither will you.  It’s one of those albums that you will never be able to put down and it will remain your favourite album forever.  It has so many aspects to it from really well played guitars, thundering drums which keep the perfect beat, amazing bass tones, electronic and acoustic pieces that fit in certain songs and the vocals that could only be sung by Phrixus and no one else.  I have never heard a band that is so well together.  Never A Hero are a perfect fit.  THIS ALBUM IS A MUST BUY.
All details of this truly spectacular album can be found on Never A Hero’s website
Watch the official video for Burning Skies on YouTube here
You can also see the exclusive video interview that Never A Hero did for Alteria Motives Ezine

Written by Phlis

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