A frequent collaborator of Musik Radio Promotions, Nashville songwriter, Thornton Cline was inducted into the TSAI Songwriters Hall of Fame at the Tennessee Songwriters Association International Songwriter Awards show on April 14 held at the Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville.  Guests presentations and performances were by Joanne Cash, Billy Sheehan, Jimmy Parker, R.T. Johnson and the Nashville Cowboy Church Band.

“I am honored by this award and am elated. I never dreamt I would be recognized in this way as a songwriter,” Thornton Cline said.


Thornton along with Luckie Boy has most recently worked with Musik Radio Promotions to showcase worldwide radio hits with the release of his new pop-dance single, “26 Letters” . Other collaborations are  Luckie Boy’s  two charted number one songs, “Cry Myself to Sleep” and “Hourglass” on the Euro and World charts. In October 2020, Luckie Boy hit number one for three weeks on the Euro Indie Top 100 Music charts and the World Indie Top 100 Music charts with his debut radio single, “Cry Myself to Sleep”. His first single remained in the top 5 for seven weeks. In February 2021, “Hourglass” hit number one for three weeks on the Euro and World Top 100 charts.

Luckie Boy and Thornton Cline have garnered rave reviews from worldwide music critics. Hollywood Digest wrote: “26 Letters” is just the jumpstart the world needs to kick off the spring and summer months. It’s fun, perky and you can sure dance to it. Luckie Boy and Cline have struck gold once again.”

Thornton Cline has had his songs recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck, Gloria Gaynor, Ray Peterson, Gary Pucket (the Union Gap), The Manhattans, Rebecca Holden, Tammy Trent, Tim Murphy, Billy and Sarah Gaines, Mylecka, Matt Newton, Anchormen and over 150 major and independent artists. Cline has been awarded a platinum award, multiple Grammy and Dove Award nominations, twice “Songwriter of the Year” with songs in the top 10 in the country, pop and Gospel charts. Recently, two of Cline’s songs hit number one on the Euro Indie Top 100 Music Charts, and the World Indie Top 100 Music Charts.

The Tennessee Songwriters Association International is a non-profit songwriters organization started in 1982 has membership in the United States and in multiple countries around the world.