Musik Radio Promotions plugs Taryn Southern’s, Break Free, rising rapidly on charts worldwide.

Fronting a wave that sees music composed and produced using artificial intelligence, Taryn Southern’s, Break Free, is the sound of the future being written.

Musical breakthroughs are being made all the time. Some of them relate to new generic fusions, some to the software and studio technology and others to the way music is distributed and accessed. It happens all the time, in the scheme of things, small evolutions, and revolutions that keep the music moving forward and heading towards interesting new potentials. It isn’t often that someone comes up with an idea that revolutionizes the whole concept of how music is made and even what music can be about but Taryn Southern may just have done that.

As a musician, an artist and an early pioneer of YouTube, it seems only natural that she is now fronting a wave that sees music composed and produced using artificial intelligence at its beating, digital heart. Just as a concept, one that asks you to think about the relationship between music and its creator, between human and machine, between musicianship and technology, Break Free is a fascinating thought-piece and as a piece of music, it is equally as enthralling.

If you step away from the concepts and face the music head-on, you find that Break Free is a fantastic piece of brooding synth pop, exploring the future relationship between mankind and machine whilst embodying those very concepts. It combines sultry, dance floor vibes and Vangelisian soundtracks, pop vibrancy and bombastic and dramatic crescendos, all the time offering a glimpse of the future. For both in concept and realized track, this does feel like just that, a taste of not only what is to come but an insight into how it is made.

Taryn has recently been featured in WiredQuartzTechCrunch.  In addition to being interviewed last fall by the BBC, she has recently received features from ForbesFast Company, and CNN.  There is just no stopping this phenomenon.

It isn’t very often that you hear the sound of the future being written, but that is exactly what you can hear in Taryn Southern’s music.


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