Musik and Film has heard artists commenting for years now “We cant make any money playing in the US!”
We heard you indie artists, and we’ve responded. Musik and Film has been networking hard to provide artists with the ability to tour the world. We have been crafting touring packages specific to certain countries and regions of the world, one at a time to help the artist focus their efforts on building their brand outside of their local regions. Our first packages was for the country of India. Which has 4 times the population of the US and we call “The Sleeping Giant”. We quickly followed up with the China / Asia touring package. We are very pleased to  bring you our New Zealand Touring Package! Now you can build your fanbase in the Oceania region of the world with some of our fellow music lovers from down under. The package system essentially works like this: Musik and Film charges a service fee to set up your tour in the desired country. We can provide radio support for your tour. Then we partner with sponsors to try to get as much of the cost of logistics and travel absorbed as we can to maximize your potential gain. We then strategize the best means of creating and transporting merchandising options, and solidify custom dates for your tour, between festivals and venues in the target region. Then YOU travel to the country, blow their minds with your amazing music and performance skills, and sell out all of your merchandise and rush home to tell everyone about how amazing your trip was! Neil Young was recently heard saying that the only money left for the indie artists these days is found in touring the world and performing live. So extend your fanbase, play your hearts out, and tour the world. Don’t worry Musik and Film is here to help! Contact the Touring Promotions Team at Musik and Film today to start setting up your tours!!!