Musik and Film has signed Bryce Wastney to a record label and radio promotions package. Wastney will be distributed globally and promoted to over 50,000 radio stations across the planet.

Born in the sunny coastal town of Nelson, New Zealand, Bryce is a classically-trained pianist who discovered a passion for guitar playing in 2003 after a 15 year musical hiatus. Now a well-travelled singer/songwriter, Bryce initially pursued a career as a trade certified boat builder, and worked in both Nelson and Sydney, Australia repairing yachts.

Toxic poisoning from the fibre glass and paint fumes forced Bryce to re-train for a further four years in the late 1990s, graduating from a university in Sydney in 2003 with a visual arts/teaching degree and a newly-found love for the acoustic guitar.

Countless busking sessions in the city and a 3-month gig as a musician on a luxury cruise ship telling stories and singing kiwi classic songs in the cocktail lounge turned Bryce into a seasoned live performer. He also discovered his skills as a songwriter during this time.

In 2010 Bryce released his debut independent album A Perfect Day for Travel. The album gained impressive industry reviews with six songs off the album featuring alongside songs from the iconic Cat Stevens in the multi-award winning New Zealand feature film Last Paradise.

Bryce moved to Melbourne in 2011 and worked in the city as a musician, establishing his reputation on the indie circuit.

In 2012 he released his much-anticipated second album Hope Mountain, recorded in his hometown of Nelson, New Zealand.

Bryce’s latest songs traverse the folk/country genres. Band tracks were recorded live and edited by award-winning kiwi producer, Mike McCarthy at Manuka Studios.

Since returning to live in Nelson in mid-2012 Bryce has been performing with Paul Ubana Jones, Jackie Bristow and Jordie Lane, in addition to touring as a solo performer.

In April 2013 Bryce released his new single “Dead Man Walking” – the first recording to come from his new record deal with USA label ‘Musik and Film’. Bryce worked on the single with MAF production team of world-class producer Stephen Wrench (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rick Springfield), Engineering and additional instrumentation, Terry Nails (Ozzy Osbourne, Axl Rose, Sex Pistols) and Eric Charleton (Dave Weckl).

“It’s amazing what they have done with the song,” Wastney says.  Terry Nails was so impressed with the creativeness of Bryce and compared his song writing abilities to those of Steve Goodman and “Dead Man Walking” to “The City of New Orleans”.

Wastney is quickly gaining a a reputation of being the creator of perfectly crafted folk music.  Since hitting the airwaves a few weeks ago with a campaign by Musik Radio Promotions, the debut single, “Dead Man Walking”,  has quickly gained traction across the world.  The track is now on over 4000 stations and showing up on the top of numerous playing charts.

The game plan for Wastney is to have four songs available through Musik and Film by the end of the year, with a view to potentially releasing an EP.

Musik and Film look forward to working with Wastney on future releases and the success of this very talented musician.





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