Dustin Walker’s destiny was set when he was pulled on stage at the tender age of 2 by Ronnie Grinel to go on stage with Rick Springfield.

Dustin is all grown up now and as such, he is ready to smash all barriers with his new EP,  **’Between the Lines’.

‘Between the Lines’ will be released in conjunction with Walker’s CD release party July 26th in Kansas City. Walker will be opening  for Rick Springfield in Kansas City, July 27th.

The EP consists of 5 tracks, produced by Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Wrench.  Walker co-wrote 4 of the tracks: Body Bag, I Can’t Do Anything For You, Tonight and Curses.  The 5th track is an acoustic version of ‘Best of You’, by The Foo Fighters.

‘Between the Lines’  was recorded and mixed by Cameron Mitchell  at Roar Music’s Studio 446 in the Scenic Rim, Queensland.  Cameron recalls the experience, “Dustin Walker was an absolute pleasure to work with. I think it was an interesting experience for both of us and definitely a challenge working on opposite sides of the world and within such a short time frame, but Dustin was always open to advice and was always happy to take ideas on board. All in all, we had a blast! I would work with this talented young man again any day!”

Rick Brewer, drummer on the project, said ”  Cameron Mitchell, Jordan Fearnside and I love a challenge. But think we succeeded in getting for  Dustin  his vision of what he wanted.”

Stephen Wrench, President Musik and Film agrees,  “its real, this is whats happening now in music and on radio”

Listen to clips of upcoming releases of ‘Between the Lines’ at this link.

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**These are new versions of these tracks.  Due to a dispute with the former producer regarding ownership of the Masters, credits of a studio musician, and billing overages beyond the paid contractual obligation ,  Musik and Film Records and Dustin Walker were unable to release any former versions. Thank you for your  kind understanding and support. Musik and Film, Inc