Musik and Film released through Musik Radio Promotions world wide radio, Sheila Raye Charles (daughter of Ray Charles) single,  ‘We Are Hope’ this week and is already being played on over 2,500 stations around the world.

Sheila Raye Charles, is the electrifying vocal that sings with spirit and up lifting inspiration Sheila, the daughter of musical legend the late Ray Charles, noted for her many music releases selling over 100,000 singles in her last recording ‘Behind The Shades.’She had been a guest on many talk shows her latest being the 700 Club sharing her story and her vision as she travels to enlighten and inspire others.

Sheila has come together on a collaboration with Conscious Music Entertainment, songwriter Milliea McKinney,  Marsha Brown CEO of Jandar Records, and backed by award winning choir, James Gear Company.The song was written by Milliea McKinney, to use as a theme song for Conscious Music Entertainment.  Milliea founded CME as a way to bring awareness to the importance of positive lyric content in music. CME promotes the message that painting in-appropriate language and filtering in to society paints the wrong message and teaches our kids wrong behavior. McKinney explains, ” Its up to society to raise the village we all must learn to live and respect each other and the lesson starts with our hearts and our kids”.

Sheila Raye Charles sings with a passion to  inspire humanity that  in spite of the violence and tragedy we see in the current times, there is still  love, faith, grace, hope, and charity. Sheila delivers the message with her spirited voice and her caring heart.

‘We Are Hope’ available on all music outlets on the web.

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