The world is filled with artists, bands and songwriters. All are compelled to make music. Why? Because it’s in their soul. They have no choice. It’s a creative outlet, they feel it, breathe and hear in their head.

I have been creating music since I was a kid, and I will never stop. We musicians have to do it regardless of free streaming or whether we make money from it. But we should be paid for our creativity and there are ways even in today’s music market that a creator of music can make a living from it.

“How?”, you ask? The first thing a creator of music has to do is realize that it is a business. Your business of creating music. Like any other business, your business needs capitol to operate. You need a sound business plan and a good product. In this case the good product is good music.

Okay, so you have recorded the tracks at home and think they are good enough for the world to hear. This is generally not correct unless you are one hell of a studio engineer. When you’re done recording take your session files to a great studio. That’s right great – not good. Have them remix and re-master for you. Radio compresses files so if your tracks are thin and goes to radio they will sound thin. The ole’ saying is “If you are going to do something do it right…”.

Now you have a great product. That’s the start of being in business. So now you think you can go to CD Baby and the world will hear you and want your product. Wrong again. You think that people will see your release and want to hear it. There are literally not millions or billions but TRILLIONS of songs on Spotify and other streaming services. How are they going to find you?

So now you think “Ah Ha!”, social media and I will get fans. You will find a lot of other fellow musicians but rarely fans that will buy your music.

The answers are simple. Radio is still the best way to get and artist heard and gain fans. Yes there are a lot of radio promotion companies out there. Some good and some not so good. You want mass airplay around the world. After all, we are all connected globally now.

Don’t promote your music locally or just in your country. Promote it globally. Find a good publisher who knows what they are doing. They will track down your airplay royalties worldwide. Yes, airplay royalties. Radio actually pays you to play your song. The BBC network 1 thru 6 is the largest radio network in the world. If you get picked up on the main BBC networks they pay in the hundreds of dollars for each spin. A hit song can generate thousands in airplay royalties.

That’s one way to make money off your music. Then after radio is playing your music contact them. Tell them you are coming to their town and want to perform. Ask them what some of their advertising venues. They will be happy to tell you and in most cases be happy to do a 3 way call with the venues. Radio will tell the venue you are playing on their station. If they are playing you in Warsaw Poland then you are a star in Warsaw. Use that status. Radio wants the venue’s advertising dollars. You want a good paying gig. You go to the well-advertised gig, get paid and sell out all your merchandise. Radio got paid so they are now your friend and will play anything you send them. The venue had a full house and want you back. It’s a win-win for all.

Make Money from your music. Radio promotion, airplay royalties, paid performances, merchandise sales.