Musik and Film’s promotions division,  Musik Radio  is proud to be the presenter of ‘Feather of Peace’ to worldwide radio airplay.

With a tinge of Bon Jovi, a touch Of Rod Stewart, a dash of Def Leppard and a pinch of INX, Carwyn Henigan is a New Zealand singer and songwriter of uncommon resonance bursting with commercial radio flavour.

What is the story behind ‘Feather of Peace’?

Chuck Taylor, Senior Editor Billboard Magazine NYC 1998-2009, says it best, “The sect of Eastern Polynesian people known as Moriori migrated to New Zealand generations ago to escape fighting, bloodshed and cannibalism from their mythological original home of Hawaiki. In passionate rock anthem “Feather Of Peace,” Kiwi singer/songwriter Carwyn Henigan tells the tale of how the race came to a new world in search of love and peace—only to be again victimized and nearly decimated.

Feather” opens with a gentle sweep of piano, followed by Henigan’s pleading vocal (think Fee Waybill of The Tubes), as driving percussion and crushing guitars ever-so-slowly and deliberately build the track into a frenzied, urgent melodic call to action for harmony among all peoples. He sings: “We ain’t gonna fight no more, We ain’t gonna hide our love, We don’t wanna fight no more, We don’t wanna hide our love, We just wanna give our love… Feather of peace, your world of love”.

Musik Radio has already began promotions to 100,000+  stations around the world  with positive feedback:

‘Feather of Peace’ is getting a huge response from our listeners…they love it!”

“This is a gem of an anthem with great messages that are connecting with our listeners.”

“Sending you a huge Salute for Feather of Peace, a unique Rock R&B hybrid”.

‘Feather of Peace’ is unique in that Henigan has crafted this song as a tribute to these long suffering peoples in a way that touches the heart of humanity. It is the kind of music that will stand the test of time.




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