Tim Smith released his album, “Fiddler Tim Smith & Friends” months ago, and Musik Radio Promotions began promotions of the singles to worldwide radio airplay.  It has led to a string of successful radio campaigns with now more than 20,000 stations including the coveted BBC network, the largest network of radio stations in the world


When you play this cd for the first time you immediately know it is going to be a good one. It took me about 10 seconds to realize that. Tim Smith’s tone is top notch and as I listened to the rest of the cd the tune selection really show cases Tim’s ability. Tim has come up with some original tunes that sound like they have been around forever and plays the older tunes quite well. Tim has been around for sometime and has learned from some of the best old time players but plays in his own style and that makes this project special. Enjoy it like I did.” World Class Fiddler, BYRON BERLINE

Tim has enjoyed his status on the Wall of Success for months – go give a listen and you will understand why he is gaining so much global airplay.

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