Hellmut Wolf, of Wolf  Entertainment and Musik Radio Promotions have partnered to provide Wolf’s artists with access to the global market of radio airplay.

King Errisson,signed to Wolf Entertainment, and his new single, “In My Secret Life“, is set  to be promoted to Musik Radio’s  massive network of radio stations around the world!

Referring to King Errisson as Mr. Kool or the King of Kool is more than fitting due to his slick ‘n’ smooth vocal delivery. The voice reminds one of the likes of say a Barry White or Isaac Hayes (RIP to both) just due to that coolness factor displayed vocally. The buck doesn’t stop at singing though for King by no means because actually Errisson’s claim to fame is that he is a world-class percussionist/conga player. King has even been a part of Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Neil Diamond’s touring band since 1976. Mr. Diamond even went so far as to call King Errisson “the best percussionist in the world”. BIG words from a BIG-TIME musician but it doesn’t end there.

King has been surrounded by music royalty throughout his entire career working with some real heavy hitters in the music biz like: Ringo Starr, Blood Sweat & Tears, Barry White, The Carpenters, Lou Rawls, Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand, Bobby Darin, David Cassidy and many others. Quincy Jones himself once said: “All I can say is that if you’re talking about musicians with a fantastic sense of time and dynamics, then you have to put King’s name at the top of the conversation. Welcome to the King’s Kingdom, it is a sound you’ll be glad you found.” Furthermore, Errisson has been dubbed the “unsung hero of Motown” by authors Ray Singleton & the one-and-only Berry Gordy in their books due to King’s work with some of Motown’s finest such as: Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Diana Ross and many others. It’s not all song & dance for King Kool as he has also tried his hand at acting. King has appeared in several movies like: “Uptown Saturday Night” with Bill Cosby & Sidney Poitier, “Rollerball” starring Sean Connery and the 1980 remake of “The Jazz Singer” with Neil Diamond.

King Errisson’s Caribbean roots come to play in his featured release “In My Secret Life” that blends together a sunny island vibe with light ‘n’ airy jazz. The new track is sure to be a success as it hits airwaves all over the globe!

Watch for King Errisson to be appearing soon on the Musik Radio Wall of Success.


By 2J Rae

King Errisson